The Burj Residence Phase I sports Installux’s tested aluminium systems.

Having already partnered with some of the leading and most renowned aluminum fabricators in the region, Installux Gulf (IG) and its partners move forward to introduce their products and get them specified with top architects and consulting engineers throughout the Arabian Gulf.

Recognising the immense task ahead, IG is now looking at recruiting more skilled and professional technical and sales engineers to boost its efforts and expand its network of operations without reducing any of the excellent services its clients are used to, says the Bahrain-based company.
“Architects and consulting engineers have to be aware about the importance of using a well established and tested aluminum system,” says Basim Al Saie, general manager of Installux Gulf.
“When projects are launched, they are promised to be of world class, incorporating high-quality standards, materials and finishes; however, the end-product falls far short of what was originally conceptualised, presented and marketed,” he points out. “This is because of the fierce competition among contractors who bid very low prices to secure projects. Then in order to cover their costs, they put pressure on subcontractors to offer their lowest price. These subcontractors in turn are left with only two options – cut corners or lose, and it’s obvious which alternative they would choose. Hence the quality of projects suffers.”
“What’s also happening on projects is that while the first or second phases are built with high-quality systems, standards deteriorate considerably in subsequent phases which results in a detrimental effect on investors, who will feel cheated when they realise that the properties they are handed over do not really represent the high standards they were promised. Winning back their confidence will then be an uphill struggle.”
Al Saie therefore recommends that developers/consultants should directly specify the products they wish to use and issue separate tender packages for the various building components to ensure that they get what they originally planned for.
Dubai has gained a reputation as been the leader in initiating prestigious projects in the region – of which, Installux Gulf, along with its fabricating partners, has been able to secure some of the landmarks that stand as a testimony to its capabilities and services, he says.
One of the largest projects that Installux is currently handling in Dubai with its licensed fabricator Alumco is the Burj Residences, comprising residential towers ranging from 23 to 44 storeys high on the shores of a spectacular man-made lake and surrounding Burj Dubai, which is designed to be the highest tower in the world. The company – which has previously worked on phase one that comprised six towers (completed last June), and phase two that covered an additional three towers of this prestigious project which are expected to be completed by May – has been recently successful in securing the contract for phase three which includes another six towers.
Providing a healthy competitive environment is also on the top of Installux’s priority list. Therefore, Installux has always been interested in searching for smart solutions and developing new and flexible products that will simplify and reduce efforts and costs for its customers, he says.
Maintaining its competitive advantages, Installux has recently launched a new fast fitting door branded as Comete 50 fast fitting, which comprises an extruded aluminium door with clamped or surface-mounted hinges. A mock-up sample of this product will be displayed at the gulfBID 2006, a building, design and interiors exhibition that will make its debut in Bahrain in May. Installux also intends to launch a further two new casement systems by early next year.
Given its quality focus and a drive to attain greater heights, Installux Gulf is keen to approach various segments to promote its parent company’s range of products which, in addition to Installux Aluminium, includes Tiaso demountable aluminum office partitions Store Roches solar protection systems and shop fittings under the brand name of Sofadi.