Bagno Design boosts range

Bongio’s latest innovation.

Bagno Design – a Dubai-based high-end chain of bathroom design centres, which offers ready-made and tailored solutions of exclusive sanitary ware, and bathroom accessories – is launching a number of innovative products on the market from some of the world’s leading brands.

The company’s range of products and services addresses a wide range of requirements – be it for concept interior design of bathrooms, cutting-edge shower technology, elegance in accessories or tasteful bathroom fixtures and furnishing.
“Superior quality has been the hallmark of Bagno and has played a vital part in the company’s growth. Our philosophy is to provide diverse solutions for bathrooms and present the most creative designs for every requirement,” says Daryl Barker, managing director of Bagno Design.
With its wide product mix and services, Bagno caters not only to discerning homeowners but also to interior designers and contractors. “We have made the name Bagno Design synonymous with aesthetic appeal, reliability and customer satisfaction,” he points out.
Bagno Design represents a long list of some of the world’s leading bathroom systems and accessories manufacturers in the region including the UK’s Eurobath (taps, showers, accessories and fittings), Germany’s Kaldewei and Hoesch Design (bathing, wellness and showering solutions), Italy’s Bongio (faucets), Fantini Rubinetti (faucets and shower heads), Zucchetti (faucets and shower heads), GSI Traccia (bathroom sanitary ware) and Bertocci (bathroom accessories) – all of which continue to innovate to meet the latest market demands and trends.
Bagno Design, which has its own range of accessories, mixers, bathing and showering solutions, has also launched a new range of its own-brand Infrared faucets, Bagno Hotel Hi-tec.
“Bagno Design recognises that water is a rare and precious commodity, necessitating the correct management of water,” Barker says. “Our electronic faucets offer considerable water and energy-savings and our line of hi-tec faucets also respond to the growing request of health protection as they do not require physical contact to operate. Our faucets are made up of a variety of simple yet functional components that are easy to install and require little maintenance, both for the electronic parts as well as the plumbing parts.”

Eurobath has launched its new brand Vado, with the first in the series being Origins – a strikingly rich collection of bathroom faucets with handles that move away from the traditional to embrace a selection of natural stones and solid wood.
With innovative handles in 10 striking finishes, Origins caters for a range of tastes to suit four different coloured woods and various stone-tops. Finishes also include chrome and brushed nickel, which match with the increasingly popular stainless steel look of today’s hi-tech kitchen and bathroom.
Among the latest innovations from le Fonti di Antonio Bongio is the revolutionary Acquaviva, “which is not just a faucet – but represents a new philosophy in bathroom design,” he says.
The photoelectric cell of the system registers the instinctive movement of hands towards the source of water and immediately begins the flow, thus eliminating the need to touch the faucet.

Fantini Rubinetti
Bagno Design is now marketing the Acquatonica shower system from the Italy-based Fantini Rubinetti. Acquatonica is approximately 6 ft tall and comprises a static showerhead, two integral body sprays, handheld shower, thermostatic mixer and multiple volume controls.
“Aesthetically, the Acquatonica shower bar reduces the space requirements for the shower room, while the shower head, the command lever, the diverter and the hand shower perfectly match the monolith structure of the bar,” Barker points out.

GSI Traccia
Meanwhile, the GSI Traccia line of bathroom fixtures and accessories marketed by Bagno offers a well-designed product that perfectly interprets current architectural demands, says Barker.
“A highly contemporary design with a classical soul, the product is made to last,” he says. “The line offers a vast selection of solutions, both in terms of space and function. It is built up around two washbasin systems (with softly connected or rigid edges) and five bowls and bidets, a monoblock WC (water closet) bowl and a standalone bathtub.
“The collection is truly broad and offers great flexibility in composition: six different washbasin depths (from 26 to 52 cm) in wall-mounted or pedestal models that can be coupled to furnish a bathroom of any size.”
The wall-mounted WCs and bidets are secured to the wall with a hidden system while the pedestal models can be installed at a distance or flush to the wall, with discharge plumbing either fixed on the floor or to the wall.
Accessories in curved wenge-finish wood and double cast acrylic glass, designed by the Angeletti Ruzza design studio, have been added to the new GSI furniture collection.
“Within the contemporary domestic scene, the perception of the bathroom has changed greatly, and the accessories in the Traccia line reflect this evolution, proposing a warm, comfortable, welcoming bathroom,” he points out.
Bertocci’s new range, Gill, is a complete, integrated bathroom system consisting of a lightweight structure and walls in eight different shades of coloured glass or a selection of wood finishes, ranging from ash-stained to bleached oak.
The structure consists of a joint that supports the 12-mm-square chrome-plated metal parts to which the coloured glass or wooden walls are attached, resulting in a light, elegant series that combines colour and function, practicality and versatility of design, says Barker.
Gill offers some 43 items to completely furnish a bathroom.
“The Bertocci Gill range with its slightly clinical twist creates an area designed purely for ablutions. The predominance of metal provides a contemporary style, while the smooth glass adds a clean, fresh finish to the space. The practical floor unit is a clever idea as with its wheels it can easily be moved around the room,” Barker points out.
Other brands offered by Bagno include Alape, Appiani, Art Ceram, Arvex, Bossini, Bugnatese, Cerdomus, Cesana, Effegibi, Galassia, Hidra, Hoesch Design, Karol, Plumbex, Reginox, Sanit and Shires.