AceCad Software, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, is looking to further strengthen its position in the Dubai market and beyond, through continually enhancing its software solutions and service operations.

Since 1986, has grown to be a leading supplier of software solutions to the international structural steel industry. Today, many buildings constructed from steel that contribute to the skyline of Dubai and many other major cities worldwide have been detailed using AceCad Software’s world-leading 3D detailing system – StruCad, says a company spokesman.
“Twenty years ago, StruCad was born out of the recognition of the huge productivity gains to be had in the production of offshore oil rigs by using 3D computer-modelling technology to automate the process of steel detailing. Early recognition that the system could be applied to meet the needs of the structural steel construction market at large soon led to it being widely adopted throughout the steel industry,” says the spokesman.
He adds: “Continued development of the system to meet international requirements has now resulted in the worldwide usage of the system, enabling steel fabricators to quickly create models of structures and automatically create fabrication drawings and data, resulting in significant productivity gains and increased competitive advantage.

StruCad 3D
“The StruCad 3D modelling package is specifically designed for the detailing of steel constructed buildings and offers a choice of modelling technologies for the creation of intelligent models. A single modelling environment allows the concurrent use of both wire frames for rapid structural development as well as full solid modelling techniques. These solid modelling techniques may then be used to create and view complex structural geometries in fully-rendered 3D detail. Advanced parametric tools are included within the system to automate the process of steelwork detailing and dramatically increase the speed of model creation.
“From the finished 3D model, accurate drawings, reports and CAM data may be generated instantaneously, whilst revisions are managed through a control system that automatically updates outputs to facilitate the fabrication process. It has been shown that the use of the StruCad 3D detailing system can effectively increase productivity by three to seven times when compared with conventional manual and standard 2D CAD drafting systems.
“The latest release of StruCad is version 11 (StruCad V11), which includes a fully integrated estimating system enabling the production of detailed estimates. StruCad V11 is also designed to integrate fully with other recognised standards in software and hardware, including most structural analysis packages and steel fabrication management systems, such as StruMIS, also available from AceCad Software Middle East.”
Such is AceCad Software’s commitment to the Middle East that it has recently expanded its Dubai office to serve and support its growing number of clients within the structural steelwork industry, says the spokesman.
AceCad Software’s head of international sales, Richard Brotherton says: “One of the main advantages that StruCad has to offer is the use of advanced modelling technology allowing complex structures to be created with speed and accuracy. StruCad stands apart from other CAD systems through its ability to then automatically generate a wide range of accurate drawings and report output.”
AceCad Software has operations throughout Europe, North America, Asia, Australia and South Africa and a worldwide network of distributors and representatives serving over 70 countries. AceCad complements its leading software titles with a range of products that include training, technical support, drawing and design services, consultancy and a dedicated hardware business. The resulting portfolio is the broadest range of integrated software products and services dedicated to the needs of the steel construction industry, the spokesman says.