Wiser smart home ecosystem aims to make homes smart and sustainable.

Schneider Electric, a leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, announced the expansion of its Wiser smart home ecosystem last month at CES, a showcase for breakthrough technologies and global innovators, held in Las Vegas, US.

The Wiser range marks a significant step forward to create affordable, sustainable, energy-efficient, resilient and personalised homes, the company says.

 Anchored by the Square D Energy Center, these industry-first products enable unprecedented residential insights and monitoring capabilities for homeowners to control and lower their home’s energy consumption and electrical heating and cooling costs by up to 50 per cent.

“Our homes are expected to become the single largest greenhouse gas emitters over the next decade,” says Manish Pant, Executive Vice President, Home and Distribution Division at Schneider Electric. “As consumers equip their homes with more connected devices, the ability to control and manage home energy consumption will be non-negotiable. A secure, interoperable power management system is key to ensuring consumers live sustainably even at home, by keeping energy cost and carbon dioxide emissions to a minimum. Our new product empowers consumers to make better energy choices, and to take active control over their energy needs.”

 The Square D Energy Center, as part of the Wiser ecosystem of solutions, transforms homes from simply smart to smart and sustainable. By connecting a smart thermostat, a smart meter, a back-up generator and a solar inverter with an AI (artificial intelligence)-driven energy management system, the Square D Energy Center takes a proactive energy management approach, addressing key pain points of resilience and effective energy management in the home, the company says.

 Schneider Electric has unveiled the following as part of the new Square D Energy Center at CES:

• Control home energy loads from grid-to-plug: All electrical energy from the home and grid now converges in a single panel where load control is managed directly: from grid to plug.

• Resiliency through different sources: The Square D Energy Center seamlessly enables the convergence, scalability, and optimisation of residential distributed energy resources, including utility power, solar power, energy storage, future smart home devices and generators.

• Charging without being over-charged: The Square D Energy Center panel can monitor solar energy usage and track against the costs of utility power to optimise energy sourcing to reduce costs.

• Intuitive installation and usage: The Square D Energy Center embeds seamlessly into properties, integrating batteries and energy measurements from both the grid and the home.