The irregular surface helps to reduce noise pollution in urban areas.

Germany-based Tonality, a specialist in intelligent, ceramic solutions for residential, commercial and industrial buildings, now offers a ceramic facade tile with a new surface to enhance the appeal of the building envelope.

Montano, as it is called, has a surface with bars that vary in width, creating a dynamic facade using light and shadow through this irregular pattern. In addition, the facade elements are very robust and contribute to noise reduction in inner-city areas due to their three-dimensional surface, according to the company.

The facade elements are available in different colours.

“Modern, rustic, structured or colourful: when it comes to facade design, there are hardly any limits to architectural creativity. In this context, the choice of material is crucial for the first impression,” says a spokesman for the company. “Facade tiles, in particular, can be used to set special accents.”

Montano’s surface not only creates a unique appearance but also protects the building from external influences, he adds.

“The fired facade tiles made of clay are extremely strong and durable. The elements are frost-resistant and UV (ultraviolet rays)-resistant as well as resistant to scratches. They are also unaffected by chemical influences. This makes them permanently resistant to de-icing salt and other aggressive substances.

“The three-dimensional surface also helps to reduce noise in urban areas. The irregular elevations do not reflect, but refract the sound and thus reduce it. Installing the facade tiles is also quick and simple,” he concludes.