C3N ... designed to withstand all weather conditions.

Ezviz, a leading home intelligence brand, has introduced its range of C3N wifi cameras for outdoor home protection in the Middle East. These Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered cameras are said to feature three night-vision modes in addition to a person-detection capability.

The C3N intelligently protects exterior areas around one’s property day and night with 1080p video, real-time person detection, and three night-monitoring modes, says the company.

Priced at SR199 ($53), C3N cameras make it the ideal addition to a villa, apartment block or office as it provides property owners with real-time images of their outdoor property and sends motion-triggered notifications when they are at home or away, says Jobs Cheung, Global Product Manager of Ezviz.

“With C3N, customers will find that the technologies that used to be exclusive to professional equipment are becoming accessible and affordable and that they too can enjoy professional protection at home,” he states.

“With an IP67 design to withstand all weather and two external antennas to boost wifi connection, the C3N camera delivers long-lasting and reliable protection. Thanks to H.265 video compression technology, the C3N reduces the required storage space by 50 per cent while rendering very impressive image quality,” Cheung adds.

The C3N provides users with colourful details that are traditionally unavailable with other night vision products.

The C3N camera’s two built-in spotlights are versatile. Users can leave them on all night to illuminate dark areas, turn them off to enjoy privacy, or even flash them to warn trespassers, states Cheung.

The spotlights also make three night-vision modes a reality: colour mode when the lights are on, black-and-white mode when the lights are off, and smart mode, which automatically turns the spotlights on for 90 seconds when it detects people, he adds.