HIAB cranes ... reliable and versatile.

JuffaliTrucks, a leading provider of pre-owned commercial vehicles in Saudi Arabia, has announced the introduction of HIAB cranes to the product portfolio of its trailer and applications division, underscoring its commitment to offering innovative and comprehensive transportation solutions to its customers.

Founded in 2018 under the umbrella of Juffali Commercial Vehicles (JCV), JuffaliTrucks built a reputation for excellence by importing used Mercedes-Benz trucks from Europe and facilitating fleet upgrades. The company has since grown into a one-stop shop catering to a wider range of transportation needs.

The addition of HIAB hydraulic cranes, renowned for their reliability, strength, and versatility, significantly enhances JuffaliTrucks’ offerings.  These cranes deliver unmatched lifting capacity making them ideal for demanding tasks; precision control in handling and placement of materials; and durability, enabling their use for diverse applications across construction, logistics, industrial and emergency services, said JuffaliTrucks.

Schulze ... dedication to excellence.

Schulze ... dedication to excellence.

Highlighting the importance of the company’s latest offerings, Juffali Commercial Vehicles’ CEO Heiko Schulze said: “The introduction of HIAB cranes reinforces our commitment to providing innovative and reliable solutions for our customers. This milestone marks our dedication to excellence and sets a new standard in the Saudi market.”

JuffaliTrucks’ strategic focus on HIAB cranes aligns with its broader goal of providing complete solutions for its clients.  This integration ensures access to cutting-edge lifting technology, boosting operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Alwardat ... meeting evolving client needs.

Alwardat ... meeting evolving client needs.

Mohammed Alwardat, Director of JuffaliTrucks, commented: “Our journey began with importing used Mercedes-Benz trucks. Now, with HIAB cranes, we continue to innovate and meet evolving client needs. We are confident of exceeding expectations and remain a united team, working tirelessly to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction.”

Operating throughout the kingdom, JuffaliTrucks has established itself as the top provider of pre-owned trucks, trailers, and applications in the Saudi market. The company offers comprehensive service and warranty packages, including reliable service contracts with extended warranties, to minimise downtime and maximise vehicle lifespan.  Its extensive distribution and service network throughout the kingdom enables it to respond quickly to customer needs, ensuring prompt and effective solutions.

The company’s innovative trade-in programme allows customers to upgrade to newer models equipped with advanced safety features and improved performance. It offers a wide range of pre-owned vehicles from various brands and ages, with a team of experts handling the entire trade-in process transparently.

JuffaliTrucks continues to redefine the pre-owned commercial vehicle market with its innovative approach and extensive product offerings. By focusing on advanced applications like HIAB cranes, the company is well-positioned to meets its customers’ diverse and evolving needs and to drive the standards of the industry forward.