Kidana Al Wadi project will cover a 33,000-sq-m area.

The Royal Commission for Makkah City has announced that work has started on 10 five-storey residential buildings being developed as part of the Kidana Al Wadi project over a 33,000-sq-m area near the Jamarat facility, strategically positioned for accommodation in Mina.

The project, which is being implemented in co-ordination with leading Saudi holy sites developer Kidana, focuses on improving guest services, enhancing the urban landscape and facilitating movement within the site.

Kidana said it was focusing on the main infrastructure development of the 10 buildings, ensuring that they have a water storage capacity of 6,600 cu m and a power station with a 33MW capacity.

The Kidana Al Wadi project can accommodate 30,000 pilgrims, stated the Saudi developer.

With a total building area of 165,000 sq m, the project boasts essential amenities such as a main prayer hall, outdoor seating area, control room, dining hall, medical clinics, modern kitchens, and waste management facilities for each building.

All these buildings are equipped with temperature control technologies, and measures are in place to manage pedestrian and bus traffic efficiently.