Kaup’s double pallet handler attachment.

Kaup, a leading independent manufacturer of forklift truck attachments, has expanded its electrically operated material handling solutions, which now form part of its e-op (Electrically Operated) line.

Following the launch of the world’s first electric fork positioner over five years ago, Kaup has continued to develop and expand its electric range. The latest additions to its range of forklift truck attachments are the all-electric double pallet handler, rotator, and side-shift, which the company showcased at LogiMat, a trade show for intralogistics solutions and process management, held recently in Germany. 

This year’s LogiMat focused on sustainability and energy efficiency, which are also currently key issues for Kaup. “With this in mind, we have worked steadfastly over the past few years to electrify our attachments,” says Managing Director Holger Kaup. “We are convinced that electrically driven attachments are a more than logical addition to hydraulic attachments.”

LogiMat also saw Kaup introduce the corresponding designation for its innovative attachments. The short suffix “e-op”  will be added to the type designations of all the machine builder’s electrical attachments with immediate effect. 

“Several factors speak in support of the use of electric attachments. The most obvious benefit lies in the fact that the e-op series does not require any hydraulics, and no oil either – certainly, a gain when it comes to cleanliness. The second factor is the drive systems’ energy efficiency. All the Kaup electric attachments require only a fraction of the energy needed by their hydraulic counterparts, even though they are based on the same basic components from the Kaup modular system, he adds.

Other benefits of the e-op attachments, according to Kaup, are:

• Precision:  The precise positioning of the e-op attachments allows for accuracy when positioning loads, whether this be via the autonomous control of the attachment, or the control of the industrial truck.

• Monitoring: A number of aspects can be monitored such as number of operating hours; load pattern; and disruptions to the schedule.

• Flexibility: No matter whether a driverless transport system, forklift truck, high-lift truck or plant constructor and automator, e-op attachments from Kaup can be combined with all known industrial trucks or used in the implementation of automated solutions.

• Safety: The attachments also incorporate numerous safety features, such as ‘redundant function monitoring’ and ‘emergency stop switch’, ensuring safe operation at all times.

“With an industry focus on electric forklift trucks, providing not only environmental benefits, but also lower total cost of ownership and extended truck life, the next logical step is to add an electric attachment,” says a spokesman for Kaup.

“Not only will an electric attachment prolong your electric trucks battery life, but the most obvious benefit lies in the fact that the Kaup e-op series does not require any hydraulics, or oil, eliminating the risk of hydraulic leaks,” he adds.