The new B100NS forklift on show at LogiMat.

In early March, Doosan Bobcat, a company within Doosan Group, announced its global branding strategy to create business and growth opportunities for its product portfolio.

In line with this strategy, three entities are now rebranded under the Bobcat trade dress in North America and applicable markets worldwide – namely Doosan Portable Power (DPP), an industry-leading global manufacturer of air compressors, mobile generators and light towers; Doosan Industrial Air (DIA), which offers one of the most comprehensive rotary air compressor lines on the market; and Doosan Industrial Vehicle (DIV), a supplier of quality material handling equipment, including forklifts.

Doosan Bobcat’s recent showcase of its new material handling equipment at LogiMat 2023, a leading trade show for intralogistics solutions and process management held in Stuttgart, Germany, highlighted this change by splitting its stand into three areas.

The first area was dedicated to upcoming products from Doosan, namely the new ranges of high-capacity electric counterbalance forklift trucks recently launched by the company and the B18NT three-wheel electric forklift prototype;  the second area showcased the transition to the Bobcat brand, with the first Bobcat-branded forklifts at a show in Europe; and the third demonstrated the full liner offer from Doosan, comprising not only counterbalanced forklifts, but also warehouse equipment products such as pallet trucks, stackers and reach trucks.

The B20X-7 Plus ... Bobcat branded.

The B20X-7 Plus ... Bobcat branded.

Highlights of the stand included the prototype B18NT three-wheel electric forklift delivered from the factory with a lithium battery only. The forklift will be an economy model, to compete with a growing demand in the market for lithium-powered electric forklifts in this typical eco segment. 

Doosan also showed the new B100NS forklift, part of two new ranges of high-capacity electric counterbalance forklift trucks recently launched by the company.  These new products provide industrial users with a wide choice of zero-emission, low-noise level, environment-friendly trucks capable of tackling heavy-duty tasks.

The newly launched B80NS and B100NS heavy-lifting electric trucks with capacities of 8.0 and 10.0 tonne, respectively, offer improved capability, power and performance for businesses across a broad spectrum of industry – from manufacturing, engineering and foundries, to building supplies, transport and warehousing, says the spokesman.

Another highlight of the stand was DIV’s newest B30X-7 Plus hydrogen fuel cell-powered forklift concept. Included in the area dedicated to the Bobcat-branded products at LogiMAT, the B30X-7 Plus forklift will be developed under the Bobcat product portfolio as part of the transition of Doosan products into the Bobcat trade dress.

“Hydrogen fuel cell forklifts offer longer operating times and faster refuelling, making them ideal for applications that require extended use and quick refuelling turnaround. For warehouses operating multiple shifts, the hydrogen fuel cell forklift is a viable option to reduce their carbon footprint while still meeting the operational needs to run longer hours with no charging required,” he says.

The other Bobcat branded forklifts in this area were the D30S-9 and B20X-7 Plus models.

Meanwhile, Doosan demonstrated the company’s ability to offer a full line of models for the material handling market. These included not only the counterbalanced forklifts the company is known for, but also warehouse equipment products such as pallet trucks, stackers and reach trucks. Being a full liner, Doosan is also offering economy models in certain product categories, expanding the company’s portfolio in another direction as well.

Models showcased in the area included the BR25JW-9 (reach truck); BSl13S-7C (compact pedestrian stacker); BPR02S-7 (ride-on pallet truck); BPL18S-7 (pedestrian pallet truck); BSL12N-7 (pedestrian stacker from eco range).