Lush green spaces are a key feature of the AlUla residential community.

The Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) has unveiled designs for its first model neighbourhood, featuring 700 residential units, created as part of efforts to sustainably develop AlUla County for residents.

 As part of its vision, RCU said it will create an unrivalled destination for residents and visitors, providing a harmonious environment that connects people with nature and heritage.

 Designs for the new, integrated, model neighbourhood reflect the surrounding natural and cultural environment and creates a community lifestyle through use of available spaces between buildings, providing pedestrian paths, creating public areas, and increasing green spaces across interconnected sites, said a senior official.

“Making AlUla a great place to live, work, and do business is at the core of our urban development plan for sustainable growth, which oversees the construction of green spaces, landscaped areas, retail zones as well as schools, medical centres and family homes that benefit the whole community,” stated Moataz Kurdi, the Chief of County Operations, RCU.

 “Lush green spaces and places to exercise and play are a key part of our Urban Development Plan as we transform AlUla, enhance its liveability and help to connect residents and visitors with the stunning natural surroundings,” noted Kurdi.

In recent weeks, RCU has started to receive applications for building permits, as part of its ongoing sustainable urban development scheme in AlUla’s Sadr and AlUla Central. To date, the scheme is active in AlMahash and AlManshiah – key visitor hubs in AlUla, he added.