Officials on site with the Certificate of Excellence.

Bahrain has received global recognition for having laid the largest deep foundation for a housing project in Salman Town.

According to the Housing Ministry, the development will see the construction of 16 residential towers, featuring 1,382 apartments comprising seven to 19 floors with an area of 3,600 sq m per floor.

The specialist contractor on the project Strong Force-MGC was awarded the YII2021 Certificate of Excellence from Bentley Systems, a US-headquartered infrastructure and engineering software solutions expert, for completing the ‘World’s Largest Micropiled PT Raft foundation’ which lies on an artesian aquifer located within the reclaimed island.

Gulf House Engineering (GHE) was the consultant in Bahrain that has adopted micropiles and micropiled post-tensioned reinforced cement concrete raft foundation (PT raft) as an alternative system and structural foundation.

The PT Raft foundation is a cost-effective standalone system able to adequately transfer the superstructure loads to the supporting ground. However, when the soil conditions are unfavourable, micropiles are added, according to GHE.

For the foundations, around 8,300 cu m of concrete were used in installing more than 12,000 micropiles, with a total length of 86,500 m.

“The deep foundations have been installed during a record 200 work days,” said the ministry.