The new land port in Safwan on the Iraqi-Kuwait border.

Khatib & Alami (K&A), a multidisciplinary design consultancy which operates primarily across the Middle East and Africa, says it has completed the design for a new land port in Safwan on the Iraqi-Kuwait border.

Subject to authority approvals, the project will enhance the passage of commercial goods and people by increasing capacity to around 1,000 vehicles per day, with the seamless separation of traffic between commercial goods and travellers, says K&A.

The final designs and plans for the 727,500-sq-m site include industry-leading technologies for customs transactions and goods clearance.

Fadi Tannir, K&A’s Project Manager for the new land port, says: “This is a strategically important project for Basra Governorate which will stimulate economic growth and long-term prosperity in southern Iraq, while energizing tourism activity between Iraq and other Gulf countries.

“Our design will transform the Safwan border crossing, introducing much-needed infrastructure to enable the swift and efficient entry and exit of goods and people, taking advantage of best practice systems and technologies.”

These will improve the experience of travellers, increase the efficiency of customs revenue collection and reduce overcrowding, while maintaining preventive health measures, he adds.