The new Actros…stress on safety and reliability

The Actros truck series for the Middle East has been designed from the ground up, according to Franz Amann, president, DaimlerChrysler AG Dubai branch.

''The emphasis of the ground-up, bumper-to-bumper development of the Middle East-specification Actros range is on the adaptability, reliability and safety, economic efficiency and strength,'' he says.

The range comprises seven output versions from 230 kW to 430 kW (313-571 bhp), with a variety of EDC (electronic diesel control) engines available according to the chassis specification.

''The Actros has been designed with flexibility in mind and we are equipped to offer `tailor-made' solutions for a whole array of heavy truck transportation from 4 by 2 and 6 by 4 tractor heads, construction vehicles, distribution and all-wheel driven vehicles,'' says Amann.

The road holding and manoeuvrability of the Actros truck range is greatly enhanced by means of front and rear axle stabilising bars. The cab suspension has been given considerable attention, the result being minimum road impact to both driver and passengers, he says.

Notably, the range encompasses an electronic management Telligent system - the core of the truck's operations.

"The Telligent brake system, with the additional option of an ABS dual brake system, has greatly enhanced stopping distances. This optional electronic link, joining the brake pedal to the wheel, increases braking efficiency, speeding up brake reacting time and equalising wear and tear to each disc."

The electronic management control of most major components considerably reduces the risk of misuse or incorrect operation, reassuring the customer of safe working practice, according to Paul Austin-Price, senior sales and marketing manager, commercial division, Gargash Enterprises. ''The Telligent electronic management system enables easy operation of controls which considerably reduces the maintenance demands on the vehicle."

"The time between each service is increased by one-third, thus reducing vehicle downtime,'' he adds.

"The enhanced engine technology and electronic injection system means that maintenance is reduced by 30 per cent on the Actros truck range versus its predecessors, the LS 1924 and 2638 S.

"In addition to the service operating cost benefit, the fuel consumption of the Actros range is reduced between three and seven per cent when compared to the consumption of a similar vehicle and its predecessors," says Austin-Price.

Specifically, the new V6 and V8 diesel engines comprise exhaust gas turbo-charging and inter-cooling which incorporate a low-swirl combustion process. These ensure a clean, more efficient use of fuel, he adds.

In preparation for the Actros launch, Gargash Enterprises, the sole distributor for Mercedes-Benz in Dubai and the Northern Emirates for more than 40 years, has conducted intensive sales and service team training and product initiation.

''Our teams, particularly on the service side, have been engaged in a product familiarisation programme for a number of weeks now,'' says Dr Anwar Gargash, chief executive officer, Gargash Enterprises.

Gargash also confirms the arrival of spare parts for the Actros. A dedicated commercial showroom and service centre is currently under construction in Dubai. The Phase One will be ready in the spring of 2000, he says.