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Geberit creates stylish, hygienic washrooms

Geberit wall-hung toilets come in a comprehensive range of styles to suit every project type and budget.

Designing hotel washrooms can be a daunting task, given the multitude of factors to consider, including aesthetics, comfort, hygiene, durability, acoustics, budget, and the anticipated number of users. Swiss sanitary solutions provider Geberit offers a choice of bathroom ceramics to meet every need and a wide range of hygienically optimised and easy-to-clean washroom solutions and these are supported by its team of experts who can advise on the most suitable solution for the hotel project.    



For water closets (WC) in hotels, for example, wall-hung solutions are ideal as there is no pedestal, cistern or exposed pipework for germs or dust to accumulate. This makes wall-hung toilets the best choice for a hotel lobby washroom and guestrooms. These wall-hung WCs can be combined with seats that can be removed simply by lifting up to further ease cleaning and ensure greater hygiene.

This solution also streamlines the aesthetic of the bathroom, as there is reduced outward projection with the WC hovering on the wall and held in place with installation frames hidden behind. With acoustics being a high priority in hotels, opting for the wall-hung toilet solution combined with Geberit’s Duofix installation frames is a certain way to reduced sanitary sound in any washroom.

When combining a wall-hung WC with wall-hung furniture, it eliminates the clutter of conventional toilets which take up floor area, thus creating the illusion of a more spacious bathroom.

Pitt ... Geberit offers easy-to-clean washroom solutions.

Pitt ... Geberit offers easy-to-clean washroom solutions.

Hence, architects and designers are increasingly opting for wall-hung toilet and wall-hung furniture solutions for these applications.

Geberit wall-hung toilet and furniture options come in a comprehensive range of styles with options for every project type and budget and are built to last. Contrary to popular belief, wall-hung solutions can withstand a weight of up to 400 kg. These solutions have been cleverly designed for maintenance once installed, as the cistern can be easily accessed by simply removing the flush plate, ensuring hassle-free specification.

In the realm of sanitation, Geberit offers Rimfree WC ceramic appliances that set the benchmark for today’s bathrooms with both outstanding hygiene and attractive design. While standard toilets with a flush rim are difficult to clean, germs have nowhere to hide on the rimless toilets. The innovative flush technology ensures a dynamic flushing out and reduces the amount of cleaning involved – even with the partial flush. Rimfree toilets are available for the Geberit Acanto, Smyle, iCon and Xeno² bathroom series.

Geberit’s touchless WC controls, meanwhile, offer users safe, hygienic solutions and ensure the reliable actuation of a flush after every use. These controls are typically actuated automatically and touchlessly when the WC user leaves, or by a hand motion near the visible IR sensor. In the event of a power failure, manual actuation is also possible.

To enable designers to create something unique, Geberit offers a choice of more than 150 different flush plates to suit the bathroom design whilst minimising noise. These flush plates also feature versatile functions and are available with customised designs as well as options such an odour extraction unit, orientation light, touchless toilet flush, surface-even installable actuator plates and remote flush actuations.


Sophisticated tap models such as Piave feature a slim, timeless and elegant form.

Sophisticated tap models such as Piave feature a slim, timeless and elegant form.

Washbasin taps

Geberit offers a range of under-countertop, countertop and lay-on washbasins in many different sizes and in round, rectangular, oval and elliptic designs. These are complemented by sophisticated tap models such as Piave and Brenta, designed by the London-based design studio Christoph Behling Design, that feature a slim, timeless and elegant form. Both versions are available as wall-mounted or deck-mounted taps and can be combined with practically any washbasin design. The wall-mounted taps are supplied in lengths of 170 mm and 220 mm to accommodate the multitude of possible combinations.

The beautiful tap housings are made of chrome-plated brass. A unique feature of these taps is that the water is guided through a reinforced plastic hose that extends from the functional unit in the function box to the aerator on the tap outlet. This ensures that the quality of the potable water is not impaired at any point in the tap system.


Long-lasting protection

To ensure long-term protection of the ceramic surfaces, both the WC ceramic appliances and washbasins are available with the special glaze KeraTect – developed by Geberit – either as standard (Geberit ONE and Xeno²) or optionally in other series.

Keratect glaze ensures long-lasting protection of the ceramic surfaces. During cleaning, the smoother the surface is, the easier it is to look after. Thanks to the virtually non-porous and extremely smooth surface, appliances can be kept clean simply and efficiently.