UD Trucks eyes major growth in region

The Euro 5 Series of the Quester ... recently launched on the market.

Leading Japanese trucks brand UD Trucks says it is looking at boosting its market penetration further in the region in 2023, on the back of outstanding performance over the past two years, having registered an average of 30 per cent growth.

Its largest market by volume is Saudi Arabia, where the trucks manufacturer has expanded into virtually every market segment, and where it sees its powerful workhorses engaged on some of the most prominent projects, including Neom.

“I’m thrilled to announce that we continued our exceptional growth journey throughout the Middle East, East, and North Africa (MEENA) region for the second year in a row, registering an average of 30 per cent growth,” Mourad Hedna, president of UD Trucks MEENA, tells Gulf Construction.

“This achievement strengthens our position as a market leader in a largely European-dominated regional truck market, as we strive to become the Japanese Sustainability Leader by 2025 through our ‘Better life’ Strategy for people and the planet.

“We have achieved great success across the region, including a 35 per cent increase in heavy-duty truck sales in Qatar, thanks to our reputation for producing robust and modern trucks. This has contributed to our steady performance in other key segments, including the waste management and construction sector in the UAE.

“Our largest market by volume, Saudi Arabia, enjoyed a 32 per cent increase in sales, and we have expanded into every segment, from construction and logistics to waste management, and we are now involved in a large number of kingdom-wide projects, many of which are associated with the Neom project,” he adds.

In Kuwait, UD Trucks supplied irrigation vehicles to clean up waste oil contamination from the soil as part of the second soil remediation project, while in Iraq, it supplied water tankers, vacuum trucks, and jet cleaners to the Babil municipality.

The Japanese brand also has a strong presence in the waste management industry, having recently supplied 300 trucks to Tadweer, in collaboration with Lavajet, Averda and Beeah in Abu Dhabi.


New launches

UD Trucks recently launched its Euro 5 Series of the Quester and Croner ranges in the UAE and Qatar and intends to introduce the series in Saudi Arabia towards the end of the year.

The new trucks feature significant upgrades to minimise their environmental impact, improve efficiency and uptime, increase profitability, and optimise the total cost of ownership (TCO), all without compromising the benefits offered by the previous models. 

The truck manufacturer also delivers better uptime for both models via less maintenance time and an expanded AdBlue supply network, which is a safe-to-use diesel exhaust fluid used in vehicles with SCR technology to reduce harmful gases from being released into the atmosphere.

“Most importantly, a cleaner and more robust engine configuration with lower sensitivity to sulphur content in fuel leads to a longer engine life and contributes to a better environment. The truck is fitted with innovative UD Telematics – a high-tech wireless communications system, which allows transportation companies to maximise efficiency with real-time vehicle tracking and geo-fencing,” Hedna points out.

UD Trucks’ Quester and Croner Series have received high praise from customers thanks to their outstanding efficiency, robustness, and fuel economy. These truck series are highly reliable and flexible, making them a top choice for businesses looking to optimise their operations, he remarks.

“These trucks have been designed with versatility in mind, making them ideal for a wide range of applications. For example, both the Quester and Croner Series are available in the construction segment, with varying specifications to meet the unique requirements of different applications.”

The Quester Series is known for its superior fuel efficiency and durability, making it perfect for long hauls and heavy-duty applications.

The Euro 5 range, with 460 hp and  2250 Nm torque, delivers improved fuel economy by about 10 per cent, assisted by the ESCOT automated manual transmission feature, a lighter tare weight and optimised driveline. Improvements made also extend to safety, where ESCOT takes away the drivers’ need to shift an average of 1,000 to 1,500 times a day by automatically selecting the right gear at any given time. This leads to increased focus and safety for the driver.

The Croner Series, on the other hand, is more compact and agile, making it an excellent choice for urban deliveries and short hauls.  It is available in three models - MKE, LKE and PKE - with wheelbase variants that offer up to 21 different configurations to suit the specific demands of various industries. The truck’s fuel efficiency has been improved, in part due to a more aerodynamic cab design that reduces drag by five per cent compared to previous models. The Croner is very much driver-focused as its cabin is designed to put driver comfort first with numerous active and passive safety features to protect the driver, cargo, and surrounding traffic.