Ultra-Fold Prefinished Modules offer full flexibility in layout and positioning.

Al Masaood Bergum, part of Al Masaood Group and one of the UAE’s leading modular building solutions providers, has recently launched its ‘Ultra-Fold Prefinished Modules’, which are said to provide a versatile solution for the construction of villages or workforce accommodations in the oil and gas, defence, and construction sectors.

The foldable walls of the module go up to 12 m in length with the width being adjustable from 3 m to 3.6 m. The Ultra-Fold Prefinished Module is made from cement fibre – a mixture of Portland cement, fly ash, water and wood pulp that is bio-degradable and low in emissions to promote sustainable living due to the limited labour requirement for installation on site, says the UAE-based company.

The unit can withstand extreme weather conditions due to its effective thermal insulation and has an excellent acoustic rating, it adds. Built using advanced technology, the module can be split into five units and bundled together, making it easier to be transported via land, air, or sea.

Otterstedt ... practical solutions.

Otterstedt ... practical solutions.

Engineered to German standards, the module builds robust structures and offers full flexibility in layout and positioning as it can be installed very quickly; it takes only 17 minutes to assemble with just five persons, according to the company.

 Jens Otterstedt, General Manager of Al Masaood Bergum, says: “New materials and engineering techniques play a significant role in developing a sustainable construction industry. In line with the UAE’s ambitions on net-zero by 2050, introducing the ‘Ultra-Fold Prefinished Modules’ reflects Al Masaood Bergum’s commitment to create eco-friendly and innovative products, services, and solutions. Modular construction systems are one of the practical solutions to design strong, adaptable structures that blend form with function.”

“One of the main reasons for developing Ultra-Fold Prefinished Modules was to enhance the speed of construction and boost output. It also reflects our commitment to support the UAE’s Industrialization strategy and ‘Make it in the Emirates’ campaign to offer more environment-friendly options for the future of the manufacturing industry in the country,” he adds.

A pioneer in end-to-end modular building solutions, Al Masaood Bergum has grown to become one of the key industry players in the country over the years. It has introduced several innovative construction solutions in the UAE and Saudi Arabia for greener construction practices.

Some of its latest construction solutions include Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) and Hybrid Modular Solutions (HMS). CLT is an engineered solid wood panel that is prefabricated and produced from a highly sustainable carbon-sequestering substance.

 Al Masaood Bergum’s portfolio of services includes highly engineered modular building systems and services that are known for their high quality, safety, and cost-effectiveness.