Air Quality SB5 measures the five most in-demand ambient metrics in buildings.

Terabee, a French sensor solutions technology company, has launched a connected, cost-effective indoor air quality (IAQ) monitor, Air Quality SB5, measuring up to five ambient metrics using Swiss-made sensors, to help reduce air pollution and improve health.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), ambient and household air pollution is the largest environmental risk to health, accounting for the premature deaths of 6.5 million people worldwide each year and about 600,000 premature deaths in the WHO European Region.

It is against this background that Terabee has added the Air Quality SB5 sensor to its product range. The product features Swiss-made sensors from Sensirion, a leader in the field of air quality monitoring, with more than 20 years of experience in developing and manufacturing sensor solutions.

Terabee Air Quality SB5 measures the five most in-demand ambient metrics in buildings, as it simultaneously gathers data on:

•  Carbon dioxide concentration (CO2);

•  Total particulate matter (PM 1, 2.5, 4, 10);

•  Total volatile organic compounds (TVOC) Index;

•  Air temperature (degrees C and F);

•  Relative humidity.

It provides secured access to air quality metrics over the network. Via WiFi and a HTTP/HTTPS data protocol, data can be directly integrated into systems without needing a subscription, says the French company.

The Terabee Air Quality SB5 is easy to install and to deploy in public facilities and smart buildings. With its real-time LED indicator, building occupants can immediately see air quality and decide how best to adjust temperature and ventilation systems to improve the quality of the air. Having accurate air quality metrics means that building and facility managers can optimise the energy performance of their building by programming the ventilation and using it only when needed, the company adds.