Leading European aluminium solutions provider Reynaers Aluminium has launched a new website that offers an improved digital experience, thanks to its optimised design, updated content and human-centred visual identity.

The new design steps away from the three separate stakeholder domains of the original website. Instead, clear overview pages and filter options guide every type of visitor towards the appropriate content, according to Ali Khalaf, Managing Director, Reynaers Middle East, the regional office of Reynaers Aluminium.

“Previously, visitors were prompted to enter the site based on their profession, which meant that they missed out on information that could have been interesting and relevant to them,” said Khalaf.

The aluminium solutions provider has invested in user-friendly technology to create a website that is easy to access, understand, and navigate.

Reynaers Aluminium’s IT spokesman elaborated: “By means of eye tracking and heat map testing, we have designed an efficient website structure that responds to all user needs. The analytics tell us what our visitors want and where they expect to find it. Nothing is left to chance to create the best online experience possible.

“By optimising our content, we respond to our visitors’ needs efficiently and go beyond the product to tell a story. In addition to up-to-date product information, customers can find plenty of inspiring content such as stories, news articles, and projects.”

The new design focuses on communication tailored to the visitor’s interest with powerful visuals, aligned with the company’s new visual identity.

“Fabricators will still have their tools and resources, they are just in a different location. Of course, we did not get rid of the tools that are so important for our partners, but we offer them in a new way,” the spokesman added.

Khalaf said regular users now logging into the new website may face some issues, which can be easily addressed.

“For instance, their bookmarked or saved links to (a specific section of) the customer portal will no longer work. So, upon their first visit to the new customer portal, they will have to manually log into the platform,” he explained. “Saved account details or passwords will no longer work. If users have issues recalling their password, they can run through the ‘forgot my password’ procedure.”

The Customer Portal has become a fully independent online hub within the website, giving Reynaers’ partners an exclusive advantage in their daily business, he added.

“Innovation and continuous improvement is part of Reynaers Aluminium DNA. In fact, this website redesign is just the beginning, as there are many other developments yet to come,” Khalaf added.

Reynaers Middle East is based in Bahrain and caters to the entire GCC region in addition to Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan and Iraq. It has branch offices in the UAE, Egypt and Jordan.

Reynaers Aluminium specialises ininnovative and sustainable aluminium solutions for windows, doors, curtain-walls, sliding systems, sun-screening and conservatories. It is part of the Reynaers Group, which enfolds its several companies in three business units, namely aluminium architectural solutions (Reynaers Aluminium), steel architectural solutions and building products.