Jeddah Central will include a world-class marina.

Saudi-based Jeddah Central Development Company (JCDC) has awarded the development works contract for Phase One of its mega SR75-billion ($20 billion) Jeddah Central (formerly New Jeddah Downtown) project, to Modern Building Leaders (MBL).

JCDC, a wholly-owned unit of Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund Public Investment Fund (PIF), is developing the mega project on a 5.7-million-sq-m area in Jeddah.

MBL’s scope of work includes the project’s infrastructure and marine works which will see the demolition of nearly 400 buildings within the cityfor the Phase One work.

The first phase will also see relocation of water, electricity, and waste management infrastructure, which all run across 6.5 km, said JCDC.

According to JCDC, the dredging works, marine drilling and sustainable backfilling using the same dredged materials (estimated at 4 million cu m) will also be handled by MBL.  Furthermore, sea berths and yacht marinas spanning 2.5 km will be built.

The first phase will commence in the heart of Jeddah, between Al-Salam Royal Palace and a water desalination plant, it added.

JCDC CEO Engineer Ahmed bin Abdulaziz Al Sulaim said the project is aimed at creating a vibrant global destination in the heart of Jeddah.

“The project is characterised by its emphasis on maintaining and enhancing the city’s coastal and marine sites, including a 9.5-km shoreline, 2.1 km of sandy beaches, and a world-class marina to accommodate local and international yachts,” remarked Al Sulaim.

According to him, the mega Jeddah Central project is being developed in three phases. Its modern design, which incorporates elements of Jeddah’s traditional architecture, adheres to all international construction standards.

He said four major landmarks will be constructed in the heart of Jeddah: a museum, opera house, stadium, and an oceanarium, which includes a coral farm. Some 10 other recreational and touristic areas will also be built within this area.

JCDC will build 17,000 homes for citizens as well as hotels, some of the world’s most famous resorts and cafes, in addition to shopping malls and commercial facilities, he added.