MasterWall ... four design options.

European aluminium solutions provider Reynaers has launched a new façade system known as MasterWall, which is said to offer a fast-installation, high-performance and flexible unitised solution for high-rise projects.

This flexible, unitised solution is based on the MasterLine 8 platform, designed to accommodate extreme building tolerances, of up to 1.5 inches of floor slab deflection. MasterLine 8 is a unique window system that is claimed to combine diverse design opportunities with first-in-class performance in terms of thermal insulation, air- and water-tightness and production speed. 

“MasterWall is designed to merge extreme building tolerances with highly accurate aluminium joinery production,” says Ali Khalaf, Managing Director of Reynaers Middle East, the regional office of the leading Belgium-based aluminium solutions provider. “It boasts future-proof thermal insulation, good weather sealing and exceptional performance with just about any opening type possible.”

Among its many advantages, he says, is the simplicity it affords – right from pre-calculation to installation while providing a fail-safe and a highly efficient façade solution.  Its straight cuts improve the efficiency and speed of both production and installation.

MasterWall provides expansive views.

MasterWall provides expansive views.

In addition, it allows installation and glazing works from the inside, thus minimising the use of cranes.

According to Khalaf, the solution boasts a number of benefits which would appeal to architects.

For instance, the same standardised solution can be utilised in four different applications for:

•  Punched openings, which can be used in between masonry, cladding, etc, as a bottom section with aluminium sills or as a receptor assembly on site or in the workshop;

•  Vertical lining to accentuate the height of the building;

•  Horizontal lining, featuring straight or 90-degree connections for receptors and infill elements or as bottom sections with aluminium sills; and

•  Hybrid walls with straight or 90-degree corner connections for receptors, infill elements and slab edge covers.

In addition, four floor slab edge options are available – with sill, third-party sheet (most economical option), mullions and face caps or with beaded window frame profiles (for inside or outside glazing with panels ranging from 4 to 62 mm).

MasterWall can be used with a variety of opening elements from the MasterLine 8 windows and doors range, both inward or outward opening, such as windows with concealed sash, terrace doors and access doors. Various solutions can be used to cover and insulate the concrete floor slabs – sheets, sandwich panels or spandrel glass – to create a flush, unitised façade-like appearance.

MasterWall is also good news to contractors, who would be pleased about the speed and ease of installation of the solution, Khalaf says. It allows for fast production and installation on site, while providing the ability to install glazing, both from the inside or outside. 

The receptor assemblies between floor slabs can be adjusted/processed and assembled on site. They can be CNC processed or with basic tooling, even on site.  Clear multi-language, user-friendly processing and installation instructions are provided by Reynaers, with fast calculation and machining instructions which are available via ReynaPro.

The high-performing opening elements from the MasterLine 8 windows and doors range – which have been tested to US and EN standards – can cope with extreme building tolerances, Khalaf says. Weather sealing of windows and terrace doors is done with a central gasket with a 5-mm overlap.

We have adopted a similar concept in specialised projects in the UAE such as the Dubai Mall Link bridge, where this system has been adapted as per the project’s requirement,” says Khalaf.

Reynaers Aluminium is a leading European specialist in the development and marketing of innovative and sustainable aluminium solutions for windows, doors, curtain-walls, sliding systems, sun screening and conservatories. It is part of the Reynaers Group, which enfolds its several diverse companies in three business units, namely aluminium architectural solutions, steel architectural solutions and building products. Founded in 1965, the Reynaers Group is active in more than 70 countries worldwide with 40 subsidiaries and 2,400 employees.

Reynaers Middle East, headquartered in Bahrain since 2004, has branch offices in the UAE, Egypt and Jordan. It caters to the entire GCC region in addition to Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan and Iraq.