Geberit Tawa ... slim design.

Swiss sanitary solutions specialist Geberit has kicked off the year with a collection of new products that will be launched on the region’s markets on April 1. Among them is the Geberit Tawa bathtub, whose slim design sets it apart from its contemporaries, and the Olona aesthetic and functional shower surface.

“The new Geberit Tawa is an acrylic bathtub in a class of its own, with its exceptionally slim rim measuring just 1.5 cm and ergonomically designed back area,” says Daniel Engelhard, Managing Director, Geberit International Sales. “The bathtub represents an oasis of well-being and epitomises the purest form of personal hygiene. In terms of design, the Tawa bathtub is a fusion of both organic and geometric shapes. The bathtub offers people all the space they need for a relaxing bathing experience with six sizes. In the case of the Tawa Duo, both sides are ergonomically designed with the water supply and outlet positioned centrally on the bathtub panel to ensure nothing gets in the way of an enjoyable bath time for two.”

What’s more, installation couldn’t be easier thanks to the Geberit mounting foot set, he adds.

The design language of Tawa is aimed at making maximum use of the bathtub volume. In fact, maximum space and bathing enjoyment are afforded by the parallel sides and the linear design of the inner bathtub body. The bathtub is available in six sizes, making it suitable for virtually any bathroom: 170 by 70 cm, 170 by 75 cm and 180 by 80 cm, as well as in sizes 170 by 75 cm, 180 by 80 cm and 190 by 90 cm for the Tawa Duo version.

Tawa is made of sanitary acrylic, which immediately feels warm and soft unlike its steel counterparts, he says. Acrylic can also be used to create various contemporary designs, such as the slim rim. In fact, since the Geberit Tawa has a rim measuring just 1.5 cm, which gives the bathtub a sleek and elegant appearance as it rests on the support, this opens up plenty of scope for design, Engelhard points out. As such, it can be panelled or tiled almost seamlessly.

A Geberit set of feet for acrylic bathtubs is available for the installation. This set comprises two pairs of height-adjustable feet, two mounting frames for the feet, and three more for wall mounting.  On the building site, the plumber simply screws the foot supports to the chipboard under the bathtub. With a simple twisting motion, sanitary professionals click the feet into place and adjust them to the right height, making it possible to ensure a level installation even on uneven floors, as the feet can be adjusted to heights ranging from 9 cm to 21 cm. Three additional brackets are provided for fixing to the wall. These can be attached to the wall on the long and front sides as required. With slim rim bathtubs, the design rests on the brackets and is fixed in place with sanitary silicone.


Olona’s drain cover is surrounded by a thin chrome ring.

Olona’s drain cover is surrounded by a thin chrome ring.


Meanwhile, the new Geberit Olona shower surface impresses thanks to its combination of aesthetic and functional advantages. This is demonstrated perfectly by the minimalist design of the “floating” drain.

“The drain cover on the Geberit Olona shower surface is surrounded by a thin chrome ring. This is a small yet elegant touch that makes the round cover appear to float. However, anyone thinking that this comes at the price of functionality would be very much mistaken. The water flows underneath the thin silver edge into the drain, leaving virtually no trace on the chrome surface,” Engelhard remarks.

The Geberit Olona shower surface is made of stone resin – a stone powder that is hardened with the help of polyester resin and then coated with a thin gel layer – making it pleasant to the touch but also largely resistant to stains.

And that’s not all – scratches and minor damage can be rectified using a special repair set. Cleaning is further simplified thanks to the comb insert, which has proven itself on many Geberit drain solutions. Fastened underneath the drain cover, this can be removed with a flick of the wrist and cleaned.

“Geberit Olona can be combined perfectly with flooring and wall coverings of all kinds, including ceramic tiles, mosaics, stone and wood,” comments Engelhard. “This diversity is all down to its no-frills design in matt white throughout. However, Olona has other plus points that go beyond pure aesthetics, thanks to its material properties, such as its outstanding durability.”

A safe footing in the shower is also guaranteed: Geberit Olona complies with the second-highest antislip class B according to the DIN 51097 standard, he says.

The shower surface is supported by three or four feet pairs, depending on its size, that are clicked into place on the crossbar above, which is in turn fixed to the underside of the shower tray using double-sided adhesive tape. 

Olona is offered in four square versions (80 by 80 cm, 90 by 90 cm, 100 by 100 cm and 120 by 120 cm) and a further 22 rectangular versions (measuring between 90 by 70 cm and 160 by 100 cm or 180 by 90 cm). The shower surface is equipped with a pre-assembled sealing film ex-works.

Installation sets are available in two versions, one with feet that can be set to between 6 and 12 cm and another with feet for height differences from 9 to 21 cm. The newly developed drain cover in matt white is supplied with the product. It fits on all drains with a 90-mm diameter and traps with a water seal depth of 50 mm (standard) or 30 mm for low floor construction heights in renovations.