Fischer Middle East has launched a new business unit known as fischer Trade that will focus solely on increasing its reach into the market.  

“Fischer has always been a major player in the GCC when it comes to projects, but now to further enhance our reach to various customers, we have launched fischer Trade,” said a spokesman for fischer.  

“With this launch, we have reached out and are working closely with more than 250 traders in the UAE alone, which have started selling the fischer Trade range products directly and indirectly from their counters. To further ensure the success of this new division, our trade range is especially designed to be sold only through our dealer network across the Middle East,” he added.

fischer Trade dealers are also supported by its technical team and by the firm’s state-of-the-art inventory management system at its new office in Jebel Ali Free Zone, enabling a seamless distribution of stock across the GCC.  

fischer Trade range offers a wide variety of anchors from high-performance mechanical  and chemical fixing to general fixings  and their accessories. 

With fischer Trade, the company has vastly increased the sales of its installation-friendly S-Plug, a nylon plug with a two-way expansion that it has been offering since 1948, the spokesman added. “Even our short nylon plug GK used for gypsum plasterboards and our GKM, the metal variant that can be used as self-tapping anchors are huge sellers,” he said.

fischer Trade also offers anchors such as DIPK for rockwool fixing insulations; WB5N for the installation of sanitary components; zinc-plated drop-in anchors such as EA-N for hammer set installation; GM cast iron anchor; FWA, large-size edge anchors from 6 mm to 24 mm drill diameter for use in critical applications like column fixing and ladder installations; and FWB shield anchor for air-conditioning installations.  

“Our resin anchor RM Capsule is among our highest selling chemical range in the Middle East, which has ETA (European Technical Approvals Committee) approvals.  Also, fischer is well known for its FIS V Universal chemical fixing systems,” he said.  

fischer Trade has also developed a market for a large range of foams and sealants, antifungal  silicon sealant (for bathrooms, toilets, connections joints to sinks and wash basins) that are well received for their high yield of up to 45 litres. This includes a new zinc spray that is DIN EN ISO 9227 certified and known for its corrosion resistance even after a 300-hour salt test on fischer zinc spray coated metal parts, he added.

Other products offered include drill bits such as SDS Plus and Max Drill bits and abrasives.