Emirates Insolaire has till date sold 38,000 sq m of glass, about 15,000 panels of Kromatix solar glass and 28,000 panels of black glass/glass panels across the globe. 

The company says the total projected capacity contracted to the firm in the Middle East is about 5 MW, representing 26,000 sq m.

“There is a strong latent demand for building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) solar glass, which is one of the specialities of Emirates Insolaire and we expect the growth trajectory to continue,” said Rafic Hanbali, managing partner of Emirates Insolaire.

Emirates Insolaire, a joint venture of Dubai Investments and SwissInso Holding, manufactures the world’s first coloured solar panels. The company offers Kromatix coloured solar glass for solar panel manufacturers (photovoltaic and thermal),  ready-to-install photovoltaic solar panels, coloured and traditional non-coloured, and consultancy and execution of turnkey projects for roofs, facades, carports and ground mounted panels – coloured as well as traditional non-coloured.

“In Dubai, where all our Middle East projects are located, we have to deliver two facades, three rooftops, three carports and two ground-mounted installations, with a total value of Dh25 million ($6.8 million),” he said.