Work is in full swing on a number of infrastructure development projects in the Capital Governorate including a village park at Block 604 of Sitra as well as other key sewage network projects, reported BNA, citing senior ministry officials.
The scope for village park project involves planting green areas on a 300-sq-m area, restoring the irrigation system, adding new games for children, as well as installing solar-powered lighting poles.
The infrastructure projects will see the establishment of a sewage network in Blocks 381 and 382 in Nabih Saleh that will provide service to 141 properties.  
The project also includes the establishment of a sewage network that will serve 280 properties in Block 604 in Sitra, as well as paving of roads 659 and 608 in Block 606 of Sitra, remarked Wael bin Nasser Al Mubarak, Minister of Municipalities Affairs and Agriculture, and Ibrahim bin Hassan Al Hawaj, Minister of Works, during their inpection tour of the project site in the Capital Governorate's eight constituency.
As part of the infrastructure development work, Road 675 and part of street 10 will also be paved in Block 606, as well as Road 285 and the surrounding roads.
Al Mubarak emphasised the ministry's commitment to providing citizens and residents with integrated parks, gardens, walkways, and playgrounds that meet the latest specifications and standards.
He also underlines the ministry’s plans to develop parks and gardens that will accommodate the needs of different society categories, including the elderly and people of determination.
Al Hawaj, meanwhile, inspected the infrastructure projects in the eighth constituency, including the establishment of a sewage network in Blocks 381 and 382 in Nabih Saleh that will provide service to 141 properties, reported BNA.  
According to him, the Ministry of Works will soon begin setting up the sewage system for Sitra in Block 603, which also includes a rainwater drainage system and road works.
Al Hawaj said that the ministry is currently implementing projects for the East Sitra Housing Project, where a main sewage line is being built to serve the housing city, and another is for a wastewater treatment line that will convey treated wastewater.
It will also establish a wastewater pumping station, sewage treatment, and a 3,000 cu m tank, he added.-TradeArabia News Service