Velde installation ... full plant view over an R2500 hopper.

Materials washing specialist CDE Global will be participating in The Big 5 by presenting a paper on systems it offers for the recycling of construction, demolition and excavation waste.

The invitation to present at The Big 5 conference has come as the result of a number of significant project installations in the construction and demolition waste recycling sector in recent years, according to a spokesman for the company.

“We have developed our C&D (construction and demolition) waste recycling systems over the last decade and the innovations we have introduced in the last number of years allow for even greater material recovery rates, a smaller plant footprint and enhanced water recovery,” explains Ruchin Garg, CDE business development manager for the Gulf region.

The company now has 24 global installations in this sector covering the UK, several countries across Europe as well as India and Aruba.

This includes the world’s largest washing plant for C&D waste which is located in Norway. The plant, operated by Velde Pukk and located in Sandnes, is sized for 300 tonnes per hour feed and is producing seven washed and recycled sand and aggregate products. The plant also includes closed-circuit water treatment and sludge management which returns 95 per cent of process water back to the plant for re-use.

Garg believes the invitation to participate in The Big 5 on the topic of C&D waste recycling is an indication of the potential that exists in the region in the years ahead.

“The market in the UK for washed recycled products developed because of a shortage of natural materials initially,” explains Garg, adding, “There is a growing realisation that this technology can be applied in any market where large volumes of C&D waste are being generated.”

He says recycled sand and aggregates are no longer seen as simply an alternative to natural material where there are material shortages. “It is widely recognised that C&D waste is a very valuable resource with a huge range of potential applications. It makes sense for us to treat this resource in the same way as we treat natural material – apply the most suitable processing technology which maximises the value of the products resulting from the process. In this instance, this is proven to be washing technologies such as those that we offer.”

The company has noticed an increased interest in its C&D waste recycling technology from across the world and the Gulf region in particular in recent times.

“It’s very much the topic of the moment,” says Garg. “Our project experience puts us in a good position to help operators in the region to maximise the value from C&D waste and allow for sustainable construction in the region.”

CDE will also be presenting details of its C&D technology at the World Demolition Summit in Amsterdam on November 6.

At The Big 5, CDE will be at the Middle East Concrete event, Stand MEC H96.