Geberit ONE ... an orientation light provides soft lighting for finding the way to the washplace at night.

Leveraging its extensive expertise and nearly 150 years of experience, Geberit meticulously designs products that not only enhance the aesthetics of the bathroom space but also elevate the living experience. Crafted responsibly from premium, long-lasting materials, its products embody an exquisite balance of sleek design and exceptional functionality, says the Swiss sanitary solutions provider.

“Practical and sophisticated features of Geberit products address concerns of hygiene, space optimisation, comfort, and user-friendliness, effectively streamlining our customers’ bathroom experience,” says Louise Pitt, Head of Marketing and Communication (Gulf Office), Geberit International Sales. “This seamless fusion of outstanding functionality and aesthetic design is the cornerstone of Geberit’s philosophy, aptly termed ‘Design Meets Function’, a concept that permeates every aspect of our bathroom creations.”

One such recent creation that exemplifies its expertise in combining design and function is Geberit ONE. This innovative and user-friendly series combines know-how in sanitary technology with versatile design expertise to offer a wide range of sophisticated details that make a difference in everyday life, she adds.

“Cleverly combined in a single system, Geberit ONE impresses with its many benefits, both obvious and hidden. This means greater cleanliness, more space and greater flexibility in the bathroom. All ceramic appliances are equipped with the durable and virtually non-porous special glaze KeraTect, which is particularly easy to keep clean,” says Pitt.

Geberit ONE offers a wide range of options for designing bathrooms: washbasins, bathroom furniture and mirror cabinets in various designs are perfectly coordinated with one another and can be combined to suit individual requirements.



The Geberit ONE wall-hung WC, which features TurboFlush flush technology, boasts an elegant, perfectly balanced design and is optionally available with a white matt surface.

“A eureka moment comes when opening the lid, revealing the asymmetrical, completely rimless inner geometry of the WC ceramic appliance,” she explains. “This asymmetrical geometry of the ceramic appliance and lateral water inlet result in a unique flushing-out performance. The technology is much more effective than a normal flush, while being much quieter and more efficient.”

The WC seat and lid can be easily removed with a flick of the wrist for cleaning. Thanks to the sophisticated installation technology, the height of the ceramic appliance can be flexibly adjusted without needing to open or damage the wall – even years after being installed.  This is particularly appealing as no structural measures are necessary because the technology for adjusting the height is in the WC. The seat can be raised 3 cm and lowered 1 cm.



Geberit ONE washbasins with a horizontal drain, known as Geberit CleanDrain, combine the highest design requirements with unique functionality, she points out. CleanDrain has been tailored to the design of the washbasins and is cleverly positioned at the back edge of the bowl.

Geberit ONE washbasins with CleanDrain combine the highest design requirements with functionality.

Geberit ONE washbasins with CleanDrain combine the highest design requirements with functionality.

This creates more space in the drawers of the washbasin cabinet. Also, by shifting it to the rear, the drain is not directly in the water jet’s line of fire, preventing water splashes from the drain and leading to a significant reduction in water and limescale residues and the amount of cleaning required.

A magnetic attachment holds the cover perfectly in position. Behind the cover is an easy-to-clean comb insert that effectively stops hair from entering and clogging the trap and discharge pipes. Despite the hidden overflow solution, CleanDrain allows the washbasin to be filled with water.

Geberit ONE wall-mounted taps offer more freedom of movement compared to deck-mounted taps. As there is no tap in the way on the washbasin surface, they are particularly easy to clean. Two versions with rounded or clear geometric design are available including a bright chrome-plated version or a trendy colour black matt. The taps are equipped with two knobs for ergonomic operation - the water temperature is set on the left and the intensity of the water jet on the right.



The expanded Geberit ONE bathroom furniture range offers a variety of possibilities, allowing the designer to create a wash place that fits perfectly with the user’s requirements. The furniture is offered in a wide range of colours, surfaces and material appearances and all materials and surfaces are moisture-resistant.  The entire furniture range is available in six coated surfaces and two wood surfaces.

Washtops are available in white, high-gloss coated lava, matt coated white, matt coated sand grey, high-gloss coated oak, wood-textured melamine greige, matt coated hickory, wood-textured melamine marble-look stoneware, white marble-look stoneware and black. High-quality, robust washtops in vitreous china are also offered.

“Storage space can be planned as generously as needed from the wide assortment of furniture. The clever drawer mechanism with push-to-open mechanism and soft closing ensures quiet running and gentle opening and closing of the drawers while also making fine adjustment easier,” Pitt remarks.

Geberit ONE mirror cabinets are available in a wide range of models. In the back-to-wall installation, the storage space is shifted to the wall, enhancing freedom of movement at the washplace and a clear, tidy appearance. The models for classic attachment in front of the wall also have a slim design and can be installed in any bathroom without the need for special preparations. Both variants are available with all-over mirror doors or shortened doors and a lit niche at the bottom.

In terms of lighting, four different light sources ensure the right ambiance in the washplace and bathroom. Geberit ComfortLight coordinates the colour temperature and brightness and lighting conditions follow natural daylight and ensure a homely atmosphere.

An orientation light provides soft lighting for finding the way to the washplace at night and then getting back to bed easily.


Award-winning designs

Geberit products and solutions regularly receive renowned design prizes, such as the Red Dot Award and the iF Design Award. 

“Personal preferences are as diverse as the people who have them, which is why Geberit has the right bathroom series for all individual demands. Responsibly made from fine and durable materials, Geberit products are a perfect balance of elegant design and outstanding function,” Pitt points out.

“Your new bathroom should be able to satisfy your requirements for the next 25 years and be able to adjust itself to suit changes in your life. That is why it is important to plan ahead. Geberit provides you with bathroom equipment in front of the wall and systems behind it which offer you comfort in virtually every situation,” she concludes.