The Jotafloor system’s reflective properties brighten up the space.

Jotun, a leading paint and coating manufacturer, has launched its expansive line, Jotafloor, that serves as a complete solution to ensure the aesthetics and durability of car-parks in residential as well as non-residential establishments, such as warehouses, schools, malls and hospitals.

This floor coating range is engineered to provide optimum protection through resistance to chemicals and tyre abrasion and has crack-bridging properties, says the Norwegian multinational chemicals company.

“Car-parks in a residential or a non-residential building create the first impression for visitors,” states Omaer Hassan, Jotun’s Regional Brand Manager.  “However, unlike any other flooring spaces, these car parks are exposed to harsh conditions such as constant wear and tear from moving vehicles, the foot traffic from people, car emissions, spillages from brake fluids, car oil and other chemicals and fluids, as well as extreme weather conditions. These factors can damage the concrete, making it unsafe for users.”

The Jotafloor car-park solutions consist of four floor coating products - Jotafloor PU Ultra, Jotafloor PU Versa, Jotafloor PU Flex and Jotafloor lines – that are designed to provide a 360-degree solution to make car-parks look great and give maximum protection, he says.

Jotun’s floor coating systems are said to reduce maintenance costs of car-parks.

Jotun’s floor coating systems are said to reduce maintenance costs of car-parks.

With the help of a wide range of colours, Jotafloor gives architects and real estate developers a chance to enhance the beauty of the entry point of a building. The products in this range give off low emissions and help meet the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards, according to the spokesman.

Omaer Hassan, the Brand Manager, comments: “The brand aims to provide solutions that will make a structure look great both on the inside and outside. With the new Jotafloor solutions, architects and consultants are given the chance to create high-performing and high-quality car-parks to ensure the best experience from start to end.”

Jotun’s floor coating systems include products that are specifically engineered to provide optimum protection and deliver benefits such as resistance to chemicals, superior crack bridging, and high performance on tyre abrasion. The coating ensures that concrete is safe from entrapped moisture, explains Hassan.

The system’s reflective properties brighten up the space and makes it easy to clean, especially stains from car tyres. It helps enhance the performance of a car-park by reducing the maintenance and operational costs and eventually increasing the life of the initial investment made for the car-park, he adds.

Jotun is one of the world's largest manufacturers of paints and coating products for marine and industrial purposes, synthetic resins, floor coverings, polyurethane foam, heavy-duty coatings, binders, unsaturated polyesters, glassfibre reinforced polyester pipes, tanks, and more.