For cleaning, the toilet seat including lid can be removed and replaced in one easy step.

The new Geberit iCon Rimfree WC meets the vital aspects that hotels seek when fitting out their bathrooms – speedy installation and ease of cleaning to high hygiene standards, says the Swiss sanitary solutions provider Geberit.

The wall-hung iCon Rimfree WC exemplifies how form and function interact; its shape and interior geometry are designed without rims, grooves or crevices, enabling quick and seamless cleaning of the ceramic. A cross-section of the rimless ceramic of the Geberit iCon WC reveals the EFF3 technology EFF3 (Easy Fast Fix 3) that makes installation easy, says Louise Pitt, Geberit International Sales’ Marketing and CRM Manager.

Five attributes of the iCon Rimfree WC make it the right fit for hotels, she continues.

• Rimless WC ceramics: “The faster a hotel room is cleaned, the better. Thus, in addition to the design of a WC ceramic, hygiene and ease of cleaning also count. The key to fast cleaning is a wall-hung WC with a concealed cistern,” says Pitt. “Cleaning teams can clean the floor under the WC with a wipe and don’t have to worry about the dust catcher cistern.”

A cross-section of iCon WC revealing the EFF3 technology inside the ceramic.

A cross-section of iCon WC revealing the EFF3 technology inside the ceramic.

The Geberit iCon Rimfree WCs are designed completely without a flushing rim. This means that there are no hidden and hard-to-reach places where deposits could accumulate and odours could develop, she adds.

• Removable WC seats: The seats of the Geberit iCon Rimfree WCs are equipped with the QuickRelease function. For cleaning, the toilet seat including lid can be removed and replaced in one easy step. If necessary, the QuickRelease function can simply be deactivated with an Allen key. 

• Smooth surface: Geberit KeraTect is a special glaze that is also optionally used for the iCon WCs. “This glaze is fired in a second firing process and has an almost pore-free, smooth surface. It is dirt-repellent and makes cleaning easier. Geberit gives a 30-year guarantee on the consistently high smoothness of the special glaze,” she says.

• Optimised flushing: “The cleaner the WC flushes out the inside of the ceramic, the less cleaning is required. On the Geberit iCon WC, the flush valve regulates the amount of water that flows from the cistern into the ceramic. The distribution of the water, on the other hand, is controlled by the flush distributor. Geberit has hydraulically optimised this in such a way that overspray is prevented. The system ensures powerful and particularly thorough flushing of the ceramic surfaces, even with low flush volumes,” Pitt points out.

• Quick assembly and conversion: Hoteliers want to reoccupy rooms as quickly as possible during renovation work. For this to succeed, a WC should be installed as quickly as possible. With the fully-enclosed Geberit iCon WCs, the EFF3 installation technology speeds up the installation of the WC.

“Plumbers slide the WC ceramics onto the threaded rods, fix the EFF3 fasteners through the two holes in the ceramics and the bathroom is ready for the next guest,” explains Louise. In addition, the WC seats of the Geberit iCon Rimfree can be easily and precisely fixed with the EasyMount hinges from Geberit.

“Also, thanks to the special fastening, facility management can simply replace the WC seats themselves if necessary, saving time and money,” says Pitt.

The iCon Rimfree WC is the latest addition to the Geberit iCon complete bathroom series, which features a sharp design and clean lines while still being flexible enough for use in a wide range of applications. 

“The proven bathroom series features a modern design language and timeless elegance, offering discerning hoteliers sanitary ceramics and bathroom furniture in a straightforward design in the mid-price segment. The comprehensive range of ceramics and bathroom furniture has a modular structure with numerous individual products that can be flexibly combined, offering plenty of design scope in both large and small hotel bathrooms,” she says.

Geberit offers the iCon WC Compact especially for smaller bathrooms, which is particularly space-saving with a short projection of only 49 cm. Various washbasin units, side cabinets and open shelves can be put together in different combinations for a perfect fit.

The globally operating Geberit Group is a European leader in the field of sanitary products with a network encompassing 26 production facilities, of which four are located overseas. Headquartered in Rapperswil-Jona, Geberit has around 12,000 employees in approximately 50 countries.