Trevi is using top-of-the-range equipment to install the piles, which range between 1.5 m and 2.5 m in diameter.

Trevi Arabian Soil Contractor, a subsidiary of subsoil engineering specialist Trevi Group in Saudi Arabia, says it has started implementing the permanent foundation works for The Line, a key component of the futuristic $500-billion Neom city under construction in the Tabuk area.

Trevi Arabian Soil Contractor has started the foundation works after completing test piles, in a bid to identify the best execution technology to carry out the project, Trevi Group tells Gulf Construction.

For the execution of the foundation works, Trevi is employing high-end Soilmec equipment. Considering the diameter of the piles, which ranges between 1.5 m and 2.5 m, and the excavation depths - up to a whopping 70 m of excavation from the work surface - the equipment used is top of the range, according to the engineering specialist.

Soilmec SR-90 and SR-100 are currently operating on site.

Soilmec SR-90 and SR-100 are currently operating on site.

Soilmec SR-90 and SR-100 are currently operating on site, and Trevi has plans to employ its SR-115/SR-125 and SR-135 in the near future.

Trevi states that it is currently employing a workforce of about 150 people but this will soon increase to 250 once the construction site is operating at full capacity.  

Underground, the Line has two distinct levels for high-speed rail, and infrastructure. Hence, above ground, there will be green areas for citizens and pedestrian pathways, instead of cars, the Trevi Group adds.

The Trevi Group is a world leader in all-round subsoil engineering (special foundations, soil consolidation and recovery of polluted sites), in the design and marketing of specialized technologies in the sector and in the construction of automated underground multi-story car parks.