An Arocs 4040K 6x4 model and New Actros 4048S 6x4S units were handed over to Pasco Paving Stones Company by EMC CV.

Emirates Motor Company Commercial Vehicles (EMC CV), the authorised dealer for Mercedes-Benz trucks in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, has signed a new deal to deliver an Arocs 4040K 6x4 model and the New Actros 4048S 6x4S units to Pasco Paving Stones Company.

The Actros is known for its reliability and dependability for long-distance and distribution haulage, while the Arocs is well established as a reliable, robust titan in construction and off-road applications. Both vehicles are celebrated for not just providing drivers with optimum driving and working conditions, but also granting fleet managers outstanding intelligent network management and logistics control with telematics solution from Fleetboard – a combination which results in better overall performance across the board, according to Mercedes-Benz.

On the deal, C R Emmanuel, Fleet Manager for Pasco, said: “We are delighted to acquire this batch of Mercedes-Benz trucks from EMC CV, our preferred dealer for Mercedes-Benz trucks. These trucks offer the latest in safety and technology including the MirrorCam and Fleetboard and we have no doubt that they will meet our requirements effectively and efficiently.”

When making the latest updates to their fleet of trucks, the General Manager at Pasco Velu Murugun was adamant that increased safety and advanced technology be prioritised.

Combining the service quality, economic efficiency, and expertise that Mercedes-Benz trucks are renowned for, along with cutting-edge technology and industry-leading equipment highlights and advantages, the powerful Arocs and Actros trucks with the latest innovations were obvious choices.