Volvo CE focuses on hauler performance

The R100 rigid hauler has a payload capacity of 95,000 kg.

Now available for the Middle East market, the 95-tonne (100-ton) R100 is proving a success in the mining and quarrying sectors thanks to its strong performance in boosting productivity and uptime, while lowering fuel consumption and running costs, says its manufacturer Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE).

The R100 rigid hauler is driving down operating costs for customers – with particularly strong performance reports coming from the Russian, South Africa and Nordic markets, says a spokesman for Volvo CE.

“The R100 is built on strong DNA, with roots tracing as far back as 1919. For over 50 years, the Volvo CE Motherwell facility has designed, manufactured and distributed rigid haulers. It is no surprise that Volvo CE has cultivated this engineering heritage to develop such an excellent solution for its customer needs,” he says.

Volvo is enhancing machine performance further with Volvo CE Connected Services.  The CareTrack telematics system provides remote reading of machine conditions allowing the user to monitor machine health, plan for proactive maintenance, reduce downtime and save on costly repairs.  

“Linked to the optional On Board Weighing System, the platform also provides real-time productivity measurement, generating tailored and detailed management reports including production achieved, fuel consumption and machine utilisation. The R100 customer enjoys enhanced production planning based on real data. Volvo CE analysis support offers opportunities for further cost savings,” the spokesman points out.

He explains that CareTrack also enables additional productivity tools: “The revolutionary Volvo Co-Pilot (with Haul Assist function) enhances operator skills, producing higher quality outcomes in less time and with less effort. Its on-board interactive display, detailing accurate information, has demonstrated proven benefits across the Volvo CE product range, such as the articulated haulers.”

The R100 rigid hauler has a payload capacity of 95,000 kg, body volume of 60.4 cu m and is powered by a  Cummins QST30 CAC (Tier 2 / Stage II) with a maximum engine gross power of 783 kW (1,050 hp), achieving a maximum speed of 50 km per hour.