Officials after signing the deal.

UAE-based Danube Building Materials says it has reached an agreement with top coatings manufacturer RAR Holdings, for the distribution of Italian wood coatings brand Citver-Vernici Per Legno in the GCC region.

RAR Holdings is one of the largest coatings manufacturers in the Middle East, with a company headcount of 580. It has factories throughout the Middle East, Africa and Europe.  Most of its manufacturing and sales activities are focused on the Middle East.

Its recent acquisitions include wood coatings brands  such as Citver Paints, Vernici Egidio Milesi and Silva Vernici.

Danube Building Materials CEO Madhu Rao says: “We, as a brand, saw a gap in the market for wood coats and paints; our reasoning behind adding a reputable brand like Citver to our portfolio of products is to meet the demands of a growing need in the market amidst the Expo 2020, which is almost round the corner.  Also the brand has a great synergy with us and we feel it will add great value to our brand mix.”

Lauding the partnership, Anthony Readiy, Head of Strategic Planning at RAR, says: “One of our most trusted brands, Citver Paints, founded in the 1940s with its root sin Bologna, Italy, will now be exclusively distributed throughout the region by Danube Group, providing the market some of the finest wood finishes and solutions.”

In the early 2000s, Citver products were used on projects such as Burj Al Arab.

Citver Paints has now established factories in nine countries in Europe and the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region and has an aggressive expansion plan in place. It is an ISO certified brand and produces a wide choice of colours.

“The range of products which will be available is vast, namely a UV-resistant range, glass paint, polyurethane, polyester, waterborne, fire retardant, heat resistant, antibacterial and anti scratch coatings,” Readiy adds.

Citver Paints says it is committed to helping consumers achieve a higher quality of finishing of wood coats and paints and towards this end continues to develop products that anticipate market trends.

The company says it is in sync with market trends, including in waterborne finishes, both for interior and exterior uses. It prides itself on being a specialised developer, manufacturer and marketer of a wide range of decorative, protective, industrial coating, construction chemical packaging and adhesives and works towards meeting the highest international standards to protect the environment.