Egis ... witnessing significant growth in the region.

Egis, a major player in the construction engineering and mobility service sectors, has secured a contract from Qatar’s public works authority Ashghal for the first phase of the Integrated Industrial Wastewater Treatment Works project in Doha.

The scope of work includes provision of professional consultancy services in connection with designing, building, operating and maintaining the future Qatari integrated wastewater treatment plant.

The contract, signed earlier this year, engages a team of 18 professionals for a period of over four years, says Egis.

The Integrated Industrial Wastewater Treatment Works Phase One will provide treatment for up to 10,000 cu m per day of tankered industrial wastewaters arising from light industries generated within the Doha Industrial Area catchment.

The new facility will be designed with the flexibility to treat the range of influent characteristics representative of industrial activities in the catchment to Treated Industrial Effluent (TIE) standards, says the company.

It will be constructed some 2 km southwest of Doha Industrial Area, in the vicinity of the existing Industrial Area Sewerage Treatment Works (Phase One and 2A and extension 2B) in order to minimise cost and footprint, and allow for proximity to the existing and new deep injection wells for blended treated effluent disposal.

Philippe Berthet, Regional Director for Major Structures, Water, Environment and Energy at Egis, says the company has been a preferred partner for many water-related projects in Qatar, including the industrial area sewage treatment plant, Al Karaana Rehabilitation, and TSE Seasonal Lagoon or Doha West Sewage Treatment Plant.

“Our experience and know-how are highly valued by Ashghal, and we are honoured to be part of country’s strategic infrastructure projects,” he adds.

Meanwhile, Egis has appointed Alaa Abu Siam as the new executive director for its Middle East business division.

Siam took up the new role in January after his successful tenure as Chief Operating Officer for the Middle East region for more than a year where he demonstrated his outstanding capabilities in the fields of project implementation and delivery.

Siam has more than 20 years’ experience in engineering, growth management, business transformation and new sales development in fast-growing international environments.

With a 1,200-strong workforce in the Middle East region, Egis has an outstanding growth potential. Over the period from 2014 to 2019, the group’s proportion of turnover generated in the Middle East rose from four to 14 per cent following several major rail project wins such as Riyadh Metro and Doha Metro, and the acquisition of Projacs, a leading project management firm in the Middle East.