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Geberit addresses market priorities

Geberit Bambini features child-friendly bathroom fittings.

Building on its legacy of quality, reliability and innovation, Swiss sanitary solutions specialist Geberit continues to provide the most appropriate solutions for every project requirement whether it is a child’s bathroom or a high-traffic airport facility.

Since its beginnings in 1874, the company has helped shape industry developments. Thanks to its close relationship with plumbers, sanitary engineers, architects, designers and wholesalers, the company has been able to utilise the knowledge, experience and feedback of its customers in developing new products or enhancing existing ones.

“Building professionals rely on our solutions because they know that they have been extensively tested, are easy to handle and ensure sustainable operation of their building,” says Daniel Engelhard, Managing Director of Geberit International Sales. “If a certain project has a special requirement, our experts are never far away and are always willing to help. In this way, we support our partners. Combining Geberit know-how with market needs enables us to offer reliable products and services that are innovative and seamlessly integrated.”

Geberit Xeno2 makes a design statement.

Geberit Xeno2 makes a design statement.

Geberit can support a diversity of projects ranging from private residences all the way through to intensively used public buildings. Its team of professional consultants can advise on the best solutions to suit the needs of the different projects.

For decades, its system solutions have provided its partners with products that are perfectly coordinated with one another, offering them the highest levels of planning reliability and optimal cost efficiency when it comes to installation, operation and maintenance, he says.

“Geberit has the right answers for pressing concerns and the challenges faced for any type of project,” Engelhard asserts.

He points out that places with a heavy footfall, such as airports, exhibition centres and sports facilities, need products that stand up to the heavy usage, technologies that ensure low operating costs, low resource consumption and economical systems in which everything fits together. To address the hygiene and cleanliness of these projects, sanitary products need to have easy-to-clean designs and hygienic surfaces and materials. In addition, barrier-free applications are a necessity as are reliable fire protection and sound insulation. 

This apart, products need to be durable, sustainable and have long-term spare parts availability.

Geberit Senya ... economical option.

Geberit Senya ... economical option.

The priorities in highly frequented sanitary rooms in schools are cleanliness and hygiene. “This can be guaranteed with Geberit’s easy-to-clean designs and hygienic surfaces and materials,” he says.

In addition, the company meets other particular requirements of children with its Geberit Bambini bathroom series, which features child-friendly bathroom fittings to support and simplify the development of hygienic practices in a playful way and the designs and colours that arouse a child’s awareness of hygiene.

In housing projects, top quality, hygiene and reliability and design are among the priorities alongside good contemporary design and innovative functions, Engelhard continues.

“Wall-hung WCs have now become a standard as they have particular advantages when it comes to cleaning, hygiene and reliability. Clever installation systems for pre-walls are, therefore, essential. Using the perfectly coordinated components of the Geberit installation systems, customised solutions can be developed for almost any construction project in front of the wall,” he adds.

Among its vast range that meets the design aspirations of homeowners is the Geberit Xeno2 bathroom series, which is synonymous with design minimalism and makes a design statement in any luxury bathroom, according to Engelhard.

“Its clear geometric outer lines are complemented by soft, natural shapes in the inner basin. This combination creates the impression of an inner basin that has been shaped over decades by flowing water.

“Geberit Xeno2 boasts a perfectly coordinated product range of intelligent, well-thought-through elements created in a consistent design language. The series features Geberit Keratect protective ceramic glaze. This special glaze is baked on and has a virtually non-porous and extremely smooth surface that can be kept clean easily and efficiently. The Geberit KeraTect surface helps prevent staining and dirtying of the ceramics, making cleaning easier and maintaining a high-gloss effect. Geberit KeraTect is featured as standard in the bathroom series Geberit Citterio, Geberit Xeno2 and Geberit myDay,” he says.

Meanwhile, Geberit Senya bathroom series offers an economical option for any taste and room layout with a contemporary style that is universally applicable, matching every possible bathroom style with its modern look and clean lines, Engelhard says, adding that the generously-sized ceramics suit even ample sized bathrooms, while they are also an elegant statement in smaller spaces.

All Geberit products are manufactured from durable, environment-friendly materials and come with a variety of finishes to create sophisticated and functional bathrooms for every budget. They are easy to clean, easy to use and easy to service, he concludes.