Aidasani ... proud.

THE Cool Shades Collection, a range of energy-saving and environment-friendly powder coatings formulated to reduce the temperature of aluminium building components that are exposed to the sun, has won key projects in the Middle East and has been well accepted in the architectural market, says Jotun Powder Coatings, its manufacturer.

Since its launch in 2010, the collection has become a testament to the company’s efforts to assist the industry in the move to promote sustainability, by developing key solutions that cut down on energy costs, according to the leading global producer and supplier of powder coatings.

“We are very proud of the achievements and the response that we have received for The Cool Shades Collection, which reflects our commitment in the global move towards sustainability,” says Monesh Aidasani, architectural specifications manager of Jotun Powder Coatings.

He says industry experts have pronounced that sustainability is here to stay, further growing in importance as time goes on. “With this in mind, heat reflective paints and coatings will be a norm for the industry. ‘The collection is our response to the sustainability challenges in the industry and we are able and ready to meet the unique demands of the market,” he states.

Siemens headquarters in Masdar City ... the Cool Shades Collection will be used for the screens of the facades.

Jotun is recognised as the first company to launch a heat reflective powder coating. In fact, the Siemens headquarters project in Masdar City in Abu Dhabi, UAE, has specified the use of The Cool Shades Collection for the screens of the building façade’s area, thus reflecting the heat and giving the structure lower heat gain.

Other projects in the region that have made use of the collection include King Faisal Hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the Abu Dhabi One Tower in Abu Dhabi, and the Exemplary Police School in Al Ain, UAE. Most recently, the collection has also been used for the Ayla Bawadi Hotel in Al Ain which is expected to open next year.

The unique feature of the collection is attributed to its use of heat management pigment technology, which reflects infrared energy from sunlight and keeps coated surfaces cooler while at the same time still absorbing visible light energy to retain colour vibrancy.

The wide range of colours under the collection has been designed to complement both modern and traditional architecture, particularly across window frames, curtain-walls, shutters, louvres and wall panels. In addition, the collection is also available in the industry leading high-performance polyester powder coating ‘Jotun Super Durable’, which has been specifically developed to withstand harsh weather conditions, especially those of the Middle East.

The heavy-duty superior powder coating offers key features like being design friendly, more cost effective than liquid coating systems and well suited to endure elevated temperatures, intense levels of ultraviolet (UV) radiation and erratic degrees of humidity, Aidasani adds.

Aidasani points out that The Cool Shades Collection is just one of the many Jotun products that complements the company’s GreenSteps initiative, a move that provides a holistic approach to developing high-quality and cost-effective paints, coatings and powder coating solutions that are energy efficient and have low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) – thereby ensuring less impact on people’s health and the environment.

The Jotun GreenSteps programme covers five focal goals that aim to make a significant difference to the world. These include driving in a reduction in energy consumption, leaving less of a carbon footprint, reducing waste, reducing the use of solvent or VOCs, and minimising the use of hazardous materials.

“Jotun GreenSteps is now an integral driver to all new innovations and a key component of the company’s sustainability strategy to consolidate the company’s commitment to safeguarding the environment,” says Aidasani.

The Jotun Group has 74 companies and 39 production facilities in 43 countries on all continents with 8,600 employees. In addition, it has agents, branch offices and distributors in more than 80 countries. The company has four divisions with its head office in Sandefjord, Norway and its total sales in 2011 were to the tune of NOK14.74 billion ($2.56 billion).

Jotun Powder Coatings operates in three key segments – industrial, architectural and functional – and is committed to develop, produce and deliver solutions that create value through consistency in application, enhanced appearance and superior durability. Its powder coatings are environment-friendly and do not contain any solvents, and unused or over sprayed powder can be recycled with minimal wastage and disposal is easy and safe. All Jotun powder coatings products are lead free.