Deck Clic ... easy to install

EVER Prime Timber Industry Products is currently promoting its Deck Clic, a revolutionary wood-based supplement for indoor and outdoor flooring enhancement. The company was recently at Project Qatar exhibition held in Doha, Qatar, in May and will again be promoting its range of products at the Big 5 show in Dubai later this year.
The hallmark of Deck Clic is the superior quality of the wood, according to a spokesman for the Malaysian manufacturer.
“This unique modular flooring system is made from highly-acclaimed tropical hardwood as the main material for exterior surfaces, complemented with an innovative interlocking architectonic base for versatile flooring requirements and ease of installation,” he says.
Deck Clic has been developed to meet a wide range of tastes and requirements with a focus on quality and value. Eight elegant designs in three different sizes are available to cater to any flooring needs. Available in natural wood colours – yellowish, reddish and dark brown – with a smooth surface, the product is made of medium to high-density hardwook including Acacia, teak, Balau/Bangkirai and Merbu and has high resistance against humidity and pest attack.
The flooring system is ideal for use in residential or commercial applications, providing excellent aesthetics, high durability and low maintenance. Best used on flat concrete surfaces, preferably with well-drained areas – such a ceramic tiled pathways or corridors, compacted ground and any solid hard surfaces – it is suitable for swimming pools, spas, pergolas, kitchens and many other areas.
Deck Clic’s base is made of high-quality patented polypropylene (PP) plastic material designed to withstand harsh outdoor environmental conditions, temperature extremes – from –10 deg C to 50 deg C – and is resistant to degradation. It is designed to facilitate effective water drainage from the timber surface, ensuring longer lifespan and prolonging the appeal of Deck Clic flooring.
The decking base of the modular flooring system is made from a robust multi-directional, interlocking connectors system that ensures hassle-free installation. Ever Prime offers a complete product range that includes straight reducers and corner reducers.
“Most deckings can be installed in one to two hours, depending on the size of the intended areas and complexity of the job. All that is needed to create beautiful wooden floors is to align and affix the connecting tabs on the outer edge of two adjacent units. It can be installed without the use of glue, adhesives and nails and hence, there is absolutely no mess,” the spokesman says.
What’s more, Deck Clic can be relocated by simply lifting up and unlocking the modular units, he points out.
Ever Prime is a renowned Malaysian manufacturer with more than 30 years of experience in the industry and operations across the globe. The company is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and technological know-how that is complemented by creative marketing support.
Elaborating on the reasons for its success, the spokesman says: “Access to quality materials, bulk purchase cost-effectiveness, expertise in maximisation of yield and a long-standing tradition in timber trade has ensured Ever Prime’s reputation as a premier producer of timber products.”
In order to share technology know-how as well as keep pace with global market trends, Ever Prime produces Deck Clic at its branch factory in Shanghai, China – at Asia S-Flooring (Shanghai) Company – which is managed by a good combination of Malaysian and Chinese expertise, he adds.
In line with its corporate social responsibility (CSR), Ever Prime has ensured that it respects the environment. “Ever Prime has Forestry Stewardship Council’s Chain-of-custody (FSC CoC) certification and complies with the highest social responsibility and environmental standards in the market to ensure the Acacia are sourced from well-managed forests that are cultivated responsibly,” he says.
Deck Clic was first produced in 2005, following 18 months of rigorous research and development, involving product design; raw material selection; fine-tuning the production process for quality and efficiency; quality inspection.
All Deck Clic products originate from certified responsible wood suppliers who are committed to respecting the environment as well as the protection of sustainable forests.