Monaco is one of the first countries that will receive the building completion certificate.

Work is in full swing at the country pavilion of Principality of Monaco for Expo 2020 Dubai, where the construction of the rock-inspired structure is nearing completion.

For the first World Exhibition being organised in the Middle East from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022, Monaco has chosen to present the many facets of its national identity inspired by the Rock – a 62-m-tall monolith in the country – in the Opportunity district of the Expo site, said senior Monaco officials.

Monaco is one of the first countries that will receive the building completion certificate, they added.

Announcing the project update, the senior authorities said that the 14-m-high Rock is now fully equipped with photovoltaic panels.

A French Riviera-coloured Harlequin vinyl has covered the entire external lateral façades of the pavilion. The Rampe Major, symbolising the winding and narrow streets of Monaco and which leads to the first floor of the pavilion, is also ready to welcome its first visitors, they explained.

According to them, the landscaping around the pavilion was also nearing completion with 90 per cent of the Mediterranean greenery installed.

“Amongst them, an ancient olive tree was planted right by the entrance of the Pavilion, opening the doors of Monaco,” said the officials.

Inside the pavilion, the office and staff areas are ready. The air-conditioning, irrigation and fire safety systems have also been deployed. The scenography and all its modules in the exhibition area will be installed in April, they added.