Work under way to erect the modular homes on site.

SIBS, one of the world’s leading companies in modular construction technology company, has been awarded a new contract to deliver an additional 1,300 apartments to a large-scale residential project in Neom.

SIBS is the sole supplier chosen for this project and this is its second order for Neom in less than four months, the company says.

The order consolidates SIBS position in Saudi Arabia specifically but also globally as one of the world’s leading industrial producers of apartment buildings, adds the company. The first order of 2,174 apartments is already in production.

The latest contract, a design-and-build one, includes the design, production, logistics, assembly, and finalisation of 1,300 apartments spread across 22 buildings, totalling approximately 100,000 sq m of gross floor area (GFA).

SIBS will deliver turnkey buildings from a finalised bottom slab upwards. The entire project will be commissioned and delivered by Q4 2024.  

The buildings consist of one- and two-bedroom high-standard apartments equipped with designed kitchens, exclusive bathrooms, and balconies to each apartment. Solar panels on the roofs and low-energy building materials, together with SIBS’s modular building system which ensures 90 per cent completion ahead of delivery to the construction site, make the buildings highly energy efficient, the company says.

The buildings are adapted in detail to comply with Neom’s stringent regulations and are designed for future relocation, if needed, elsewhere as the development of the city progresses throughout other parts of the region.

“We are very proud to once again have been awarded a contract of this magnitude and to have received all orders of high-quality apartments of permanent standard that Neom has awarded so far,” says Erik Thomaeus, CEO of SIBS.

“We have already initiated the production of more than 2,000 apartments in Neom, and this new contract demonstrates our capacity to handle extensive and complex deliveries,” he says.

“It’s clear that our offering is appreciated in the market, and this is another confirmation that we possess the competence and delivery strengths that few others can match. We look forward to our continued delivery of high-quality houses to Neom, a revolutionary urban development we truly believe in,” he adds.

SIBS signed its earlier engineered equipment supply contract to deliver 2,174 apartments to Neom in late May this year.

The homes spread over 35 buildings will house staff working on the planning, engineering and construction of the futuristic city.

Like the latest order, this contract too involved the provision of turnkey buildings “from a finalised bottom slab upwards” which will be located in the primary staff accommodation and office cluster in Neom. The entire project will be delivered and commissioned by the third quarter of 2024.

SIBS’s state-of-the-art manufacturing hub boasts a scalable production capacity of up to 6,000 apartments annually. The apartment buildings achieve an impressive 90 per cent completion rate at the factory, ensuring full modular completion and unparalleled quality control, states a company spokesman.

“Homeowners can now anticipate 30–50 per cent energy savings, while traditional construction costs are slashed by 30 per cent. Furthermore, the introduction of cutting-edge machinery for shaft wall and roof production, coupled with enhancements to existing equipment, promises elevated performance and safety standards,” he adds.