Zoomlion’s excavators in rescue operation.

Zoomlion’s team with excavators were deployed in rescue efforts in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake in Turkey, having been one of the first Chinese rescue forces to arrive at the scene in Hatay province, where the devastation was immense.

Zoomlion Turkey rescue team consisted of professional service engineers and operators, who carried electric blankets, emergency medicines, food, and other materials urgently needed in the disaster area, shipped together the first five excavators, and set off to the disaster area Hatay province overnight. 

After more than 30 hours of continuous battle, the Zoomlion team had rescued more than 20 trapped people from the rubble.

In addition to the first five excavators, 20 other Zoomlion excavators were involved in the disaster area, along with local personnel, equipment and other resources, to ensure the smooth progress of rescue work.

Another construction equipment manufacturer which specialises in compact equipment, Doosan Bobcat is providing equipment worth around $1 million for relief and recovery activities in the earthquake-stricken areas of Turkiye.

The construction equipment is being promptly delivered through Doosan Bobcat’s dealer network to be of practical help in lifesaving activities in affected areas and to help restore critical infrastructure such as collapsed buildings and roads. The equipment being supplied includes skid-steer loaders and excavators to remove and clean debris, and portable generators and lighting towers to be used at sites with power supply issues.

The donation is financed in cooperation with mother company, Doosan Group.