The Chedi Trojena, a perennial mountain destination.

Neom, the developer of Saudi Arabia’s futuristic city project along the north Red Sea coast, has signed a strategic agreement with General Hotel Management (GHM), the creator of stylish hotels and resorts worldwide, to manage The Chedi Trojena, a perennial mountain destination in Neom and the host venue of the 2029 Asian Winter Games.

Nestled within the Slope Residences atop the mountain peaks, The Chedi Trojena will be part of an iconic residential village in one of Trojena’s six distinctive clusters: Gateway, Discover, Valley, Explore, Relax and Fun.

The hotel’s location in the Relax Cluster serves as a sanctuary for reflection, recreation, and rejuvenation. Its design blends harmoniously with the surrounding landscape, with nature trail paths and a public realm for healthier living.

The design narrative for the hotel will be imbued with the kingdom’s rich history with a nod to Trojena’s futuristic architecture for a contemporary appeal befitting its awe-inspiring destination.

Construction on Trojena began in December and Neom expects to welcome its first guests in 2026.

In its aim to become a hub for world-class tourism and recreation never before offered in the Gulf countries, the destination will also feature 3 km of ski slopes, ultra-luxury and wellness hotels and resorts as well as over 100 indoor and outdoor experiences available all year-round.