Diametro35 Wellness offers different types of water jet.

Italy-based Ritmonio has expanded its iconic Diametro35 series of taps with Diametro35 Wellness and Diametro35 Wellness Impronte modular shower heads that can be combined to customise the shower area.

The innate class and timeless style inherent in the Diametro35 collection can be found in the entire concept in the shower area, combining design, technology and eclecticism to suit the most diverse needs and styles, says a spokesman for the company.

Elaborating on the features of the new products, he says: “The range offers the designers and end-users the opportunity to choose from countless variants and installation possibilities to compose highly refined shower spaces. These comprise different shower head configurations, to be chosen and matched to suit each individual’s taste and personality. The wall version with short or long arm and the ceiling version, with fixed or articulated arm to modify the inclinations of the water jet, complement each other with different types of side body jets. These solutions meet multiple installation needs.

“The great versatility of the system allows you to choose between different types of water jet: the classic Rain (in the ceiling version) and Spray (in the side body jet) for a pleasant ‘tropical rain’ effect are joined by Atomyzed, a light nebulisation when you want to cool off, Blade to enjoy a regenerating cervical massage, Massage for a more intense action on the whole body and Soft, a generous and soft fall of water to feel enveloped in a warm embrace.”

The development of these new products focused on the perfect aesthetic integration with the entire Ritmonio offer, according to the spokesman. Maximum design freedom is ensured by the ability to customise the shower heads by choosing from 19 finishes: 16 of the Ritmonio finishes selection, together with the three special finishes of the stainless-steel variant, also suitable for use in outdoor contexts.