Geberit focuses on the finer details

Geberit DuoFresh odour extraction unit fitted alongside the Sigma50 flush plate.

Swiss sanitary solutions provider Geberit continues to focus on creating elegant, functional bathroom solutions that are sustainable and durable, while ensuring that its customers are well informed in making the right choice when selecting products for their requirements.

The leading sanitary specialist has been following the ‘eco-design principle’ since 2007 when developing all its new innovative products and every product is considered over its entire life cycle – from raw material extraction to disposal – so that each is better than its predecessor in ecological terms, says Geberit.

While environment-friendly, functional, resource-saving and durable products are part of the Geberit DNA, the company ensures that even the smallest details in the design and creation of bathrooms are taken into consideration, right down to the colour of flush buttons, odour extraction and safety lighting at night.

To enable end-users to gain an insight into the company’s various offerings from the comfort of their rooms, Geberit has created a 3D Virtual Showroom, where the products and services that interest them can be viewed at the click of a mouse. 

Geberit’s 3D Virtual Showroom puts products and services within reach of end-users.

Geberit’s 3D Virtual Showroom puts products and services within reach of end-users.

“The virtual showroom gives users the freedom to interact with Geberit products and services in a realistic and immersive environment from anywhere and at any time,” says Louise Pitt, Geberit International Sales’ Marketing and CRM Manager.

The 3D showroom features front- and back-of-wall sanitary solutions, including innovative building drainage systems, concealed cisterns, flush buttons, touchless hygiene solutions, and more. Available around the clock, the virtual showroom not only offers a good overview of the company’s wide range of products, but also explores important aspects in more detail using short videos, graphics and links.

According to Geberit, this was one of the first digital projects where real customers were involved during the development phase. They played an important role in upgrading the appearance and navigation of the digital showroom and ensuring it is easy to use, it adds.

“The goal was to provide our customers with an easy-to-use, attractive and informative digital aid. We were able to realise this project taking into consideration our customers’ expectations and experiences. Their feedback from using the earlier version of the digital showroom were taken into account when developing the tool. However, the work is far from over. Feedback is now being collected from all visits to the showroom and used to develop the tool further,” says Pitt.

The Geberit Virtual Showroom has been designed to provide all the tools needed to inspire and bring a designer’s project to life.

In addition, to help designers and installers to give professional advice to their customers, Geberit has created a free online tool for choosing flush buttons.

Geberit Duo-Fresh odour extraction unit features an LED orientation light behind the flush button.

Geberit Duo-Fresh odour extraction unit features an LED orientation light behind the flush button.

Pitt points out that a lot of fundamental decisions have to be made when designing a bathroom – whether it’s a washbasin, vanity or matching taps, or building or renovating a bathroom. In doing so, the finer details – such as the flush buttons, for example – sometimes get neglected.

“However, a matching flush button can give the bathroom an attractive touch. When taken into account early on in the planning process, customers have the option to choose flush buttons with touchless sensor actuation,” she says.

Elaborating on how the tool works, she says: “The configurator offers an attractive overview of the range of flush buttons on offer and assists with the search process, thanks to intuitive user guidance. With each click, added information is displayed on colours, materials, possible uses and functions for the respective model. Sample images can be used as inspiration for the customer’s own dream bathroom. Customers who already have an idea what they are looking for can filter the models according to category on the start page and thus refine their search.

“A comparison of models, colours and materials is also possible at the touch of a button. The difference between a black Sigma50 and the Sigma60 or Sigma30 in the same colour can then be seen instantly. This then simplifies the decision on which plate is the best choice for the customer’s own bathroom. Once a model is selected, additional optimally combinable functions are displayed automatically, such as the odour extraction unit with a built-in orientation light that helps guide people to the toilet at night. As a result, customers can then immediately see which options are possible on their preferred model – they may also consider additional functions that they didn’t even have in mind to begin with.”


Odour extraction

Meanwhile, Geberit has developed a new odour extraction unit that is suitable for new-build and renovation projects. The Geberit DuoFresh odour extraction unit removes unpleasant odours directly from the toilet pan. It extracts the air through the flush pipe and flush valve, purifies it using a ceramic honeycomb filter and then returns it to the room. The unit also features an LED orientation light behind the flush button for discreet lighting when going to the toilet at night; and DuoFresh sticks that provide the blue colouring and foaming of the toilet water to enhance bowl cleanliness. Installation is simple: the only requirement is a connection to the 240 V power supply system – components are installed through the cistern’s service opening. In line with regulations, the transformer is stored elsewhere – such as in a flush-mounting box with service opening.

The DuoFresh odour extraction unit is compatible with Sigma01 and Sigma50 flush buttons. The flush button can be opened easily, giving access to replace the DuoFresh filter unit and DuoFresh stick. The ceramic honeycomb filter is also easy to access and can be replaced by the end-user. The intensity of the orientation light and the length of time it remains on can be personalised by the end-user via the Geberit Home app, which is available via Google Play or the App Store. It can also be downloaded by scanning the QR code located on the mounting frame.