Under construction at Jeddah Corniche, The Lamina Tower is an ultra-luxury residential condominium.

Cityzenith, a technology startup that builds advanced software solutions for buildings, infrastructure, and smart cities, said it is hitting new heights with a pioneering contract to create a multi-purpose Digital Twin for an ultra-luxury residential condominium tower in the Middle East.

The Lamina Tower is under construction at the Jeddah Corniche in the Saudi port city, and with premium 10,000-sq-ft units offering unobstructed views of the Red Sea from all rooms, is billed to be one of the most luxurious residential properties in the country, said Cityzenith.

The contract with Cityzenith makes it the first of its type in the Middle East to use a Digital Twin to optimise and enhance marketing and sales, daily operations, and the overall tenant experience, it added.

The Lamina Tower is an ultra-luxury residential condominium.

The Lamina Tower is an ultra-luxury residential condominium.

On the major win, CEO Michael Jansen said: “This is a breakthrough contract for a landmark building and location that highlights the fact that sophisticated real estate owners are getting smarter about Digital Twins, not just in the US and Europe, but in the Middle East, Asia, and around the whole world.”

Lamina Tower developer, Hajaj & Associates, also confirmed the project’s pioneering ambitions. “It is an ultra-luxury residential skyscraper, offering residents cutting-edge technology-driven services and amenities,” noted company CEO Motasim Hajaj.

“Together with our partner Cityzenith, we are implementing AI-driven Digital Twin technology customised to help us provide a unique, technology-enabled experience for residents, emphasising convenience, safety, and discretion,” he added.

As per the agreement, Lamina Tower will be the first of several Digital Twin projects awarded by Hajaj to Cityzenith over the next 24 months and totalling up to $1 million in value.