Saudi Arabia was set to launch last month an ambitious project to develop the Al Bujairi district, the gateway to the historic area of Diriyah, on the outskirts of Riyadh, following years of study, said a report.

The development project will involve the central area, which will host open-air activities and commercial services offered to visitors. The central area or plaza will comprise shops and rest areas, reported the Arab News.

Once the renovation work is completed, the area is expected to see the inflow of tourists and visitors.

The project is aimed at developing Diriyah and highlighting its cultural value by creating facilities at its main entrance, it stated.

As part of the project, a commercial complex with 38 shops will also be opened at Tarif neighbourhood. The complex will have outlets selling handicrafts, restaurants offering traditional meals, 30 heritage hotel units and an exhibition for heritage architecture with a centre to document the history of Diriyah.