KVL and Tyrolit officials at the product seminar.

KAVALANI and Sons (KVL), a Bahrain-based supplier of industrial, construction and marine products, launched more than 25 grinding, cutting and diamond tools from Tyrolit of Austria at a product seminar last month in the kingdom.

These included the latest floor grinding machines for the construction industry and various tools for the metal and fabrication industry including super-thin wheels, flap discs, and cutting and grinding wheels and special application products like Basic touch and premium Rondellers.

Visitors were provided with an insight into the working of core drilling, wall saw and wire sawing machines by special teams flown in from Austria and Tyrolit’s Middle East headquarters in Dubai.

The launch is significant given the ongoing and upcoming infrastructural project requirements in Bahrain, said Samarth Dhond, construction manager at KVL, the sole distributor in Bahrain for Tyrolit. “Today every construction business requires diamond tools to cut through hard concrete. We definitely see the requirement of this equipment in the ongoing infrastructure projects in Bahrain, to cut into structures, demolish or renovate them,” he said.

Tyrolit is amongst the top three specialists in abrasive products with a manufacturing history of more than 80 years, Dhond said, adding that its machines are used widely by companies and in projects around the world.

Tyrolit also owes its success to being part of Swarovski, which is renowned for crystals and diamonds. It produces synthetic diamonds and uses it in cutting equipment to cut through the toughest surfaces. “They don’t just buy products from other companies and stamp them with their own brand. They are very particular about quality. A product may be rejected more than three times before it is finally approved,” said Dhond.

In addition, Tyrolit has an active and well-funded research and development department that launches products of “amazingly high” quality after rigorous research.

Tyrolit’s grinding, cutting and diamond tools on display.

Tyrolit machines can cut through reinforced concrete with minimum vibrations and in the shortest possible time. They are offered in three grades – basic, standard and premium. The basic line is manufactured in Thailand while the standard and premium ranges are produced in Austria and ensure minimal vibration and easy to use.

KVL is adopting a three-pronged business strategy in marketing Tyrolit products: firstly, targeting contracting and manufacturing companies to create awareness that KVL markets these products; then, targeting rental companies; and finally, end-users, whom KVL serves with its own equipment operators.

Following its appointment as Tyrolit agent a year ago, the company conducted a soft launch of the Austrian company’s range in Bahrain to feel the pulse of the market, and now intends to promote it aggressively believing that the market is ripe for these products. To support the products in the region, KVL sends its Tyrolit team regularly for training in Switzerland and Austria to keep them abreast with the latest technology and skills in using the equipment.

Dhond says the abrasive and diamond cutting tools market is large in Bahrain with sales amounting to €500,000 ($658,000).

Currently, KVL counts most precast companies in Bahrain among its clients. “These companies used to buy hollowcore slab cutting equipment from Italy but are now only buying from Tyrolit. In addition, many leading concrete testing labs in Bahrain are also using Tyrolit products,” Dhond said.

He indicates that Tyrolit equipment is currently being used on the North Manama Causeway project, to drill holes beneath the bridge where reinforced rebar are present. “This obviously requires special diamond cutting equipment that works vertically and with water falling on it,” he said.

Part of the same project was relocating the Sails monument – which was also done using Tyrolit core and blade machines, he said.

Tyrolit products were also used on projects at Mina Salman Port by major local companies like Almoayyed, Nass Contracting, and Contrack Nass.

Apart from Bahrain, Tyrolit equipment has been widely employed for pile cutting in several projects in Dubai and India. Tyrolit also has dealers in Oman and Qatar and elsewhere in the region.

Founded in 1919, Tyrolit is one of the largest manufacturers of bonded grinding, cut-off, sawing, drilling and dressing tools in addition to being a system supplier of tools and machinery.

KVL, a family-owned business, has been doing business in Bahrain since the early 19th century. From a small shop in Manama, the company has grown into a one-stop shop offering more than 30,000 products from leading global brands.