The Performing Arts Centre features 3,000 seats spread across three theatres.

Saudi-based Qiddiya Investment Company (QIC) has announced the launch of its new cultural icon – The Performing Arts Centre – in the capital Riyadh.

With stunning architecture, pioneering technology, and a commitment to artistic innovation, the centre promises to redefine the cultural experience for residents and visitors alike. The first cultural asset of the newly announced Qiddiya City, the centre aims to receive over 800,000 visits every year.

The unveiling of the Performing Arts Centre follows the announcement of many entertainment, sports, and cultural attractions in Qiddiya City, including the world’s first multi-use Gaming and Esports District, the multi-sports Prince Mohammed bin Salman Stadium, the motorsport track, the Dragon Ball theme park and Aquarabia, the first water theme park of its kind in Saudi Arabia.

QIC Managing Director Abdullah Aldawood said: “Qiddiya City is more than just the home of entertainment and sports, it is also a leader in the preservation and promotion of Saudi culture. For this reason, we are thrilled to announce the addition of this Qiddiya Performing Arts Centre, which will be a beacon of creativity and innovation that is set to elevate Saudi Arabia’s cultural landscape to new heights.”

“With its ground-breaking modern design, pioneering technology, and commitment to nurturing talent, the centre embodies the spirit of Qiddiya City as a place where imagination knows no bounds,” he added.

The Performing Arts Centre will host over 260 indoor and outdoor performances and events every year. Over 3,000 seats are spread across three theatres, each offering a 360-degree experience merging physical and digital elements. A cantilevered amphitheatre offers breathtaking views of the city’s lower plateau while a fully adaptable 500-seat venue is suspended from above.

“The centre is dedicated to pioneering experiences and empowering Saudi talent. Leveraging state-of-the-art technologies such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Artificial Intelligence, the centre will host groundbreaking productions that push the boundaries of traditional theatre,” remarked Aldawood.

Beyond its performance halls, the centre will act as a vibrant community hub, inviting residents and visitors to explore dining, retail, and educational entertainment options, said the top official.