Nexiez-Fit elevator for low-rise buildings.

Mitsubishi Electric Building Solutions Corporation (MEBS) last month launched the Nexiez-Fit elevator, a new model aimed at the booming low-rise residential sector in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

The new elevator is designed to carry six to eight persons (450 to 630 kg) at speeds of 1 m/s.

The Nexiez-Fit prioritises cost-efficiency while maintaining core functionalities, targeting developers catering to meeting the rapid growth in urban population. MEBS leverages the existing platform of its Nexiez-MRL Ver.2 elevator, a premium model used in luxury hotels and office buildings. This allows for a shorter construction period by optimising shipping patterns and minimising on-site welding, all while ensuring safety and reliability.

The Nexiez-Fit addresses the growing demand for cost-effective elevator solutions in low-rise residential buildings, says a spokesman for the company.

For enhanced safety and convenience, the Nexiez-Fit can be integrated with M’s Bridge, MEBS’ global remote-maintenance service. M’s Bridge continuously monitors and inspects elevators, analysing data to identify potential issues and improve overall performance.