HA20 RTJ has a horizontal outreach of 11.9 m.

Haulotte, a European leader in lifting equipment, says it has launched its new-generation HA20 RTJ rough-terrain articulating boom, which has been completely redesigned to meet today’s demanding worksite requirements.

Featuring the latest Haulotte innovations and offering the safest working experience at height on the market, the boom’s new design and smart engineering meet all the challenges of working at height up to 20 m, says the company.

“Versatile and easy to use, the HA20 RTJ is ideal for working on challenging outdoor terrain,” says a spokesman for the French manufacturer. “Thanks to its articulated arm and its 11.9-m horizontal outreach, the HA20 RTJ overcomes obstacles and reaches the most inaccessible working areas. With this feature, the machine ensures maximum safety and productivity. Furthermore, the Haulotte Dual Reach option helps boost load and tilt capacities.”

The Dual Reach option increases the load in the basket from 250 kg to 350 kg, and enables working on slopes of up to six degrees. Once Dual Reach is activated on the upper control box, the machine continues to elevate and work smoothly, limiting the number of back-and-forth movements between the ground and the working area, ensuring greater safety and productivity on sloping grounds, the spokesman explains.

HA20 RTJ ... designed to work at heights of up to 20 m.

HA20 RTJ ... designed to work at heights of up to 20 m.

Equipped with standard four-wheel drive and two-wheel steering, the HA20 RTJ moves easily over all types of terrain. Its oscillating axle allows the machine to adapt to all conditions, keeping the wheels in constant contact with the ground.

“The automatic differential lock provides extra traction on uneven or sloppy ground, allowing the operator to maintain full manoeuvrability and navigate obstacles without difficulty. The HA20 RTJ retains its excellent rough-terrain capabilities, thanks to the combination of a new engine and a new hydraulic architecture (axle drive),” he adds.

In addition to the Dual Reach innovation, the HA20 RTJ is equipped with all Haulotte safety features. Thanks to its proportional controls, the HA20 RTJ offers precise, jerk-free driving and guarantees a smooth approach to the working area. The ergonomic control panel ensures unrivalled operator comfort, according to the spokesman.

The HA20 RTJ features the Haulotte Activ’ Lighting System: 10 LED spotlights enable the operator to load and unload the machine in complete safety in low-light conditions. The two new reflective stickers judiciously placed on the counterweight give the machine excellent visibility in urban environments or when co-activity is required.

 Aware of the environmental challenges facing the construction industry, Haulotte has fitted the HA20 RTJ with a new engine, rated at less than 18.5 kW, combined with optimised mechanical and hydraulic systems, which deliver optimised torque while reducing fuel consumption by up to 50 per cent, he claims.

Haulotte engineers have also redesigned the machine’s chassis and integrated an improved hydraulic architecture with axle drive. Thanks to these engineering improvements, the number of hydraulic hoses has been reduced by 35 per cent, access to components and maintenance operations are facilitated, and downtime is reduced.

Haulotte has also unveiled the HA20 RTJ PRO model which offers several on-board diagnostic solutions to facilitate fleet management and minimise downtime. These tools enable the collection of machine operating data, the resolution of fault code, and the rapid identification of troubleshooting.