Aramco and Samsung officials at the signing ceremony in Dhahran.

Samsung E&A, a world leading engineering solutions and project management company, has announced that it has secured contracts worth $6 billion from Saudi oil giant Aramco for its Fadhili Gas Increment Program.

The programme’s objective is to expand the capacity of the existing Fadhili Gas Plant located 350 km northeast of Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia.

As per the deal, Samsung E&A will execute Package 1 Gas Treatment Unit as well as Package 4 Utilities and Offsites. Once the project is completed, the daily gas throughput will increase from the existing 2.5 billion cu ft to 3.8 billion cu ft.

Samsung E&A said it will independently carry out the entire engineering, procurement and construction process.

The signing ceremony in Dhahran was attended by Wail Al Jaafari, Aramco EVP of Technical Services, Yahya A Abushal, Aramco SVP of Upstream and Downstream Project Management and other senior management as well as Hong Namkoong, President and CEO of Samsung E&A.

Samsung E&A won this project following the Jafurah Gas Treatment Project received in 2021, representing Saudi Arabia’s most representative gas projects.

On the big contract win, Namkoong said: “We are confident to deliver a steady performance on the Fadhili Gas Increment Program with our extensive experience in Saudi Arabia. We will further gain the trust of clients with our differentiated technology and quality, and further strengthen our position in the Middle East market.”

Al Jaafari said: “The award of these contracts reflects Aramco’s goal to increase supplies of natural gas, help efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and free up more crude oil for value-added refining and export.”